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Las Vegas $20 free room upgrade trick

In Vegas the room prices vary greatly not only from hotel to hotel but also on day of the week or time of the year, a room that costs $60 on a Wednesday night can quite easily cost $180 for the Saturday or double that on a fight weekend. Now I do not want to pay a penny more than I have to at any time and I will show you how to ensure that you are paying the cheapest price that you can hope to pay for any room at any time of the year but not just yet. On my first post I will give you one of the best Vegas tips (or tricks if you) like for getting a free or nearly free room upgrade this is called the $20 trick which can also be used as the $50 trick or even the $100 trick if you are far richer than me. This Vegas trick can work at any hotel and is worth a shot the worst that can happen is you get what you have paid for. I will show you a top ten list of the hotels to try this at. Ok enough babble here is the Las Vegas $20 free room upgrade trick. Before you get to the check in desk place a folded $20 note between your credit card and your ID and ask the clerk if there are any free upgrades available for the period that you are there. Try to look for a youngish clerk as your odds are usually better with them than an older one and one at the end of the check in desk so that they are not overheard and be discreet. Some people feel you have a better chance with males and others females so it’s a bit of luck but young and friendly looking is a must. This works in most hotels some better than others but you must be discreet that is the key. For me this is the single best piece of value in Vegas for $20 for your stay you can get a room that is sometimes worth $100 more per night, its does not always work but often it does. I strongly advise that you do not rely 100% on this and ensure that if it fails you have booked a level of accommodation that you are happy to stay in. This Vegas trick has a slightly better chance of working if you are not staying on the weekend but either way it can have the same result which is a room worth far more than what you have paid Top Ten Hotels for the $20 Trick

UPDATE on the $20 Trick

Circus Circus








Treasure Island

New York New York

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  1. Used the 20 dollar tip idea at the Flamingo on March 15th, was upgraded to a mini suite, no problem.

    Comment by David Mar | March 30, 2011 | Reply

  2. I used the $20 trick at Mandalay Bay. Very, very successful! Thank you very much!

    Comment by Alex Hill | April 4, 2011 | Reply

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