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Hatton V Mayweather in Las Vegas and Circus Circus

Circus Circus

At 3pm local time today the weigh in for the Hatton – Mayweather fight will take place at the MGM Grand, its expected that Ricky Hatton will hit the 147llb mark and then he will be built up with carbs as much as he can between weigh in an fight so he will get in the ring at say 152llb. Hatton’s nutritionist has banned him form having his traditional full English breakfast the morning of the fight this time. The build up of this fight has been the usual media circus that we expect on these big events and Hatton has been referring to Mayweather as the clown with this in mind I thought I would give you a short review of one of the oldest properties on the strip Circus Circus.

Circus Circus was opened in 1968 and was the first themed casino on the Strip maybe even in the World, when it first opened you had to pay an admission charge and could only enter via a big slide crowds flocked in the thousands to see this great attraction. The crowds still flock in their thousands only now they seem to bring an army of kids with them and rather to see an amazing resort they come for cheap rooms, cheap buffets and a fair theme park. They have kept the theme and at night the main entrance looks brilliant sadly this is where my favourable thoughts on this Casino stop.

Circus Circus is the entry level hotel/casino in the MGM Mirage chain it is cheap, very cheap but that does not mean it offers value. Circus Circus is located way down the strip next to the Slots of Fun “casino” its well North of the Fashion Show Mall and any of the Casinos that you come to Vegas to visit. Now that the Frontier has gone its long boring dark walk from Circus Circus to Treasure Island. Its old and it feels worn and there are loads of kids there. The buffet is cheap it used to be described as the most popular buffet in town (they have dropped his now) the quality of the food is not good but it does probably represents value with a dinner buffet costing $11.99 ! The Gaylord Steakhouse also has its home at Circus Circus why I am not sure this regularly voted as the best steakhouse in Vegas its expensive and classy has fantastic staff and amazing food.

They have free circus acts trapeze artists ect and it should be free they look bored and any decent circus entertainer in Vegas has been snapped up by Cirque de Soleil. The Adventuredome is the indoor theme park at Circus Circus its not six flags or Alton Towers but its good and for around $25 for adults and $15 for kids for an unlimited day pass it represents very good value though a few hours is really all it needs.

The rooms here vary contrary to urban myth there are no clowns on the headboards but the manor rooms are terrible if you stay at Circus Circus do not stay in a manor room they are old tired motel styled rooms, many for some reason stink of chip fat and many reportedly have damp (I have not seen this). The tower rooms are fairly big and clean and to be fair are not that far off the rooms at Excalibur. The pool is crap I cant say anything else about it apart form worrying what hundreds of kids do when they are swimming and need the toilet avoid it at all costs. There is no monorail station within sensible walk but the deuce bus does stop right outside, but this way behind my favourite form of transport, basically if you stay here you need a car or you spend more money on cabs getting to the places you come to Vegas to see.

In a nutshell if you want a cheap base on the strip and have a car and are not fussed about having loads of kids running around then Circus Circus may suit your needs, but with a bit of shopping around you may well be able to find deals at Excalibur or Luxor for only a few dollars more and in my opinion this would be a better option. There is a place for Circus Circus but my view is that if you have paid a lot of money for a flight and saved hard for you bankroll that its not worth staying here unless there is no availability or you are making a huge saving.

My view on the Hatton fight Maywether acts the clown but is a talented boxer, Hatton is less talented but stronger and has more heart my money is on Hatton by stoppage.
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