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Hatton – Mayweather and the rooms at the MGM Grand Las vegas

Hatton Mayweather

Well my hopes and predictions were wrong Ricky Hatton got knocked out in the 10th round at the MGM Grand last night in front over 300 fans with at least another 16,000 in Vegas with no tickets. Floyd Mayweather was the victor and the better fighter, Ricky was out boxed for at least 7 of the 10 rounds and Mayweather deserved the title. It was not the great spectacle of boxing that we had hoped but a great fight never the less and Hatton at least was able to joke about it being a fluke and that he had slipped afterwards and Mayweather acted the gent and I think was saying that he had accomplished everything he could and wont be fighting again where as Ricky has said he will continue. I am hoping that he fights De La Hoya in London in April. Good luck Ricky in whatever you do next.

I thought I would give you quick insight in the two basic room types at the MGM Grand Las Vegas, before I start next week on other Las Vegas topics.

MGM Tower room

You have two basic types of room at the MGM Grand Tower rooms(shwon above) and West Wing rooms. The Grand Tower rooms are bigger (in fact they are some of the biggest standard rooms on the Las Vegas Strip)and the West Wing rooms trendier but about 100sq foot smaller, the West wing beds only come with a King bed option if you need two beds you have to stay in the Grand Tower. All of the Grand Tower rooms are accessed by 4 banks of central elevators near the casino floor and check in desks when you get to your floor you will be amazed at the length of corridors they are huge. The Grand Tower rooms are great they have big windows and many have nice views the bathrooms are a good size and all have a desk and chairs, safe and a big TV and the king bed rooms have a nice sofa. The west Wing rooms are cool they have flat screen TV’s and a small flat screen TV in the bathroom so you can watch telly whilst shaving. There is only a glass wall between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom so you need to be pretty well acquainted to stay in one of these rooms.

In all MGM Grand rooms the beds and bed linen have recently been replaced the beds in MGM Grand are the most comfable that I have ever slept in all in all it’s a good place to stay.

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