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Simon, Hope you don’t mind contacting you, got your email from the DVD Forums onthe thread about Las Vegas and I’d like some advice. My brother just got engaged and i’m best man so need organise stag etc.Vegashas been suggested and most folk that would be going are reasonably wellpaid (Doctors, Bar owners etc) so they won’t mind the trip being a bitfurther afield and money wont be too much of a problem BUT i’d still like todo it as cost effectively as possible so everybody can go!  Now I was there last year and got a great deal with flights from London andstayed in Bellaggio for around £650, I was looking for somewhere lessspectacular to stay and flights from Glasgow if possible. Also would bebetter if we were in suites in a less well known hotel? Any help and advicewould be appreciated. We would be looking to go maybe March/April of next year which giveseveryone time to put cash aside etc Hope you can be of some help, All the best


  Hi **** It would be my pleasure to help in anyway I can I love Vegas and I lovehelping people sort it all out so if you need any help please ask as muchand as often as you like. At this moment in time with Max Jet going under there are only towcompanies that fly direct to Vegas from the UK Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick and BMIfrom Manchester, sadly if you are flying economy I would not recommendeither, Virgin give you no space and try to make up for it by giving yougood entertainment and OK food and BMI is just a cheap airline. I havestarted flying with United I have paid $350 per year and this gives you(and one person traveling with you) an upgrade to economy plus whichwhilst not true Premium economy it give you 5 extra inches of leg roomwhich is all I am concerned about. I try to fly via either LA or SanFrancisco as this means I spend longer in a more comftable plane and alsothat I have a seat back TV for the majority of the trip (need to make sureyou are in 777), you also clear customs in LAX or SFO which means when youget off the plane in Vegas you are in your hotel room 30 minutes later. My last three trips I have stayed at least part of the time in MGM Grand,now I don’t particully like MGM but it has lot of facilities, the roomsare very good but most of all they have great deals last trip was 4 nightsFri-Tue and I paid £200 ! AS soon as you start talking suites the costgoes up big time and to get a 1 bed suite will often cost more than twostandard rooms, the only strip properties I know with 2 bed suitesavailable to you and me are Bellagio and Mirage and both of these are farmore expensive than a couple of rooms. In MGM you can have two doubles anda rollaway bed if there are three of you. Luxor also offers good value andall of the building work will be finished by then, LAX and the Cathouseare two of the hottest places to go and they are on site there along withFantasy a classy topless show. If you want to go cheaper you could stay atExcalibur or Tropicana and if you want to go really cheap Imperial Palacebut I would draw my line at Excalibur. As far as booking the rooms goes ifyou book now the prices will go down but if you have booked and the pricesgo down you call the hotel up and get them to adjust your price or youcancel the booking and re book, as long as you book directly with thehotel (all of the links @ go directly to the hoteland give you this option. I will get discount dates from around Decemberfor your dates so if you book something when you are ready (ensuring youdon’t book a non cancellation rate, these rates show clearly on thewebsite that they you cant cancel them) and then email me around Decemberand I will see what codes I get in then. If you book through my websiteyou will not get a better rate and I get 2% commission I don’t make muchmoney on this but it keeps the site going, I would always help youregardless of which way you booked I would be over the moon if you bookedyour hotel via there, with the codes I get you will not find it cheaperanywhere else.    If you like clubbing you have to plan as just like another city groups ofmen are not what the clubs are after. You can do the split up thing or youcan order bottle service this is usual in Vegas and LA but not many otherplaces and it works like this; you order a bottle of spirits this will beserved to you at a table and you will get all the mixers with it. Its notcheap it’s from about $350 per bottle and you need a bottle for everythree guys. Its around $40 to get in to most clubs and also you will haveto queue  for ages even with “VIP” line passes that you can get I alwaysrecommend people go no my friend Darin’s Nitetours http://www.nitetours.comhewould mix your group with a hen night to get in to the clubs and alsoarrange visits to gentleman’s clubs if you want no queuing, no hasslegetting in and no extra costs and free unlimited beer and champagne Ithink his tours start at $69 or $79 drop him a line dfeth@nitetours.commention my name and he will help you out. There are plenty of other activities that are great for stag nights whenyou have sorted your numbers out drop me a line and I will give you somesuggestions. Hope this helps Simon PS apologies for spelling and grammar errors but it is very early

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