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Call Darin Feth Today at 702.877.6483 for more information!!!

Here is our new pricing for Nite Tours, the only company that has exclusive rights with all of the Vegas Clubs to bring you the BEST Priced Club Crawl that includes Quality, Service and Value in Las Vegas!!!

Each Nite Tours consists of the following:

· New 2008, 28 passenger Luxury Limousine bus or Limousine SUV with stripper Pole, TV’s surround sound, etc All night

· Unlimited champagne, beer, water in the limo as we travel from club to club

· VIP Access to all the clubs on the Tour Schedule (no line, cover is paid, by pass all lines)

· Quality Service VIP Host to get the party started and keep it going all night long

· Time permitting we will stop at Las Vegas Sign for pictures

· All Registration starts at 9:15PM at the Bellagio Hotel in the Caramel ultra lounge (2for1 drinks) then off to 3 night clubs

· YES we can customize a tour for your clients!!! And sometimes at NO Additional Charge!!!


VIP Club Crawl (mix of Women $69 and Men $79 per person)

This tour is great if you want to get out and meet other couples, singles or just want to party and get into Best clubs in Vegas.

Great for: Bachelorette, Bachelor, Jack & Jill Parties, Anniversaries, Tourists, Convention Groups, Divorce Parties or just a night out with friends or on your own. No minimums Nite Tours accept 1 person up to 100 people per tour.

Clubs that Nite Tours rotate on this tour:

Caramel, Revolution, Polyesters, The Bank, Voodoo, Risqué, The MIX, RAIN, Playboy, Moon, 40 Deuce, Rum Jungle, Cherry at Red Rock, Tabu,

VIP Sample Club Crawl:

9:15PM Registration at Caramel Lounge (2for1 drinks), Board limo for champagne toast and Pictures at Las Vegas Sign, arrive JET, back in limo for beverages arrive Voodoo, Then finish the night at RAIN night club at the Palms.

Ladies Nite Out All women ONLY $69 per lady

This is the number one tour in Vegas for Bachelorette parties, Sorority reunions, Divorce Parties, Women’s Conferences, or just a ladies nite out with friends. Visit the best clubs in the city with all VIP Access, limousine transportation, VIP Host, All you can drink as we travel from club to club, games, prizes and a GREAT BONDING NIGHT OUT…this is great for ladies who don’t want to be hit on all night long, great for private bachelorette parties, SAFE and organized,

Clubs that Nite Tours rotates on this tour

The Bank, LAX, PURE, TRYST, Voodoo, Playboy, Moon, RAIN, Ghost Bar, The MIX, Caramel, Cherry, Tabu, Previ,

Sample Ladies Nite Out Tour:

9:15PM Register at Caramel lounge for 2for1 drinks, Board Limo champagne toast and pictures at Las Vegas Sign, arrive Tryst, board limo for more beverages and games, arrive LAX, finish at Playboy/Moon at the Palms.

Bachelor& Bachelorette Parties or as we call it Jack & Jill Party

Jack & Jill Parties is where the Bride and Groom want to celebrate their party together. We can Start with taking the ladies to an ultra lounge or to a Male Review Show and the men to a Gentleman’s Club, and then bring both groups together to dance the night away at two top Vegas Night Clubs!

We can also just take the groups to 3 hot clubs as per our VIP Club Crawl….Prices start at $69 for Ladies and $79 for men…Male Review show add $50 per lady.

Sample Jack & Jill Tour:

9:15PM Arrive Caramel for 2for1 drinks, Board limo for champagne toast with picture at Las Vegas Sign, then the Ladies dropped off at Chippendale show, Men dropped off at Scores Gentleman’s club. Limo picks up both groups 1.5 hours later for free beverages as we whisk both groups to Voodoo to dance on the rooftop patio, then off to RAIN at the Palms to finish the night!

The Ultimate Bachelor Party $89 per person

Nite Tours will start at an ultra lounge for 2for1 drinks (bonding time). We will then take the guys out for the complete Gentleman’s Club Review. We will then Finish up at a night club to dance the night away.

Gentleman’s clubs you choose: Scores, Treasures, Penthouse, Seamless, and others

Night clubs: RAIN, VOODOO, The MIX, 40 Deuce, Rum Jungle, Risque,

Premium clubs will be additional cost of $49 per person to such clubs as Tryst, LAX, PURE, Previ, and others…

Sample Tour for Bachelor Party:

9:15PM Arrive Caramel for 2for1 drinks, board limo and enjoy free beer and champagne, picture at Las Vegas Sign, arrive Scores Gentleman’s club, board limo for more free beverages, arrive Seamless Gentleman’s Club, board limo for more free beverages and arrive Voodoo Lounge. Or for an additional charge TRYST, PURE, LAX, (based on club availability)

Bottle Service price is only $79 per person (minimum 6 people)

Have Nite Tours pick you up at your hotel in our luxury 24 passenger SUV Limousine or Limousine Bus. Start with a glass of champagne in the limo as we whisk you over to the Las Vegas sign for a quick picture, then to the ultimate Ultra lounge The MIX 64 floors above the strip for a beverage (breathtaking views), then to your choice of bottle service at any club in the city with complete VIP Access, VIP Hosts meeting you at your hotel and taking care of your every need, you are truly treated like Royalty!

Package Includes:

Limousine service, stop for photo (clients bring cameras), VIP Hostess, All beverages in limousine, no line and no cover to MIX, VIP Access to the clients choice of bottle service where a second VIP Host will take care of the clients requests. Bottle service is additional and all alcohol purchased in clubs is additional.

Clubs we work with: TAO, TRYST, PURE, LAX, PREVI, CatHouse, Rum Jungle, Studio 54, Caramel, The MIX, 40 Deuce, House of Blues, You name the club and Nite Tours works with them to bring you a great experience in Bottle Service!!!

Sample Bottle Service Tour:

Limousine arrives at your hotel, you are greeted by our Nite Tours VIP Hostess, Board Limo for Champagne Toast and pictures at Las Vegas sign, arrive The Mix 64th floor above The Hotel, then back in limo for more champagne/beer as we take you to Tryst, another VIP Hostess will greet you and take you to your table with VIP Access, table service will then be prepared with your choice of beverages for this evening. Nite Tours Hostess then excuses herself as everything is now perfect, second hostess will accommodate what you need for the rest of the evening. Credit card and ID will be asked for upon ordering bottle service, bottle discounts where applicable as all savings from Nite Tours is passed onto your client…example: 2 for 1 bottles, bottles as low as $200, etc…

Private and Custom Group Tours (call for pricing and creative ideas)

Nite Tours will customize any tour from 2 people up to 500 people. Nite Tours is very creative when putting together group packages. Please call for pricing quote, options.


Nite Tours new low pricing will increase your sales volume. As NO OTHER COMPANY can offer the Quality, Service and Value of Nite Tours in Las Vegas. We are paying a flat $10 per person booked through your company. Nite Tours also values client confidentiality and All Brokers are protected with Nite Tours Broker Protection Plan, if a client comes back to Nite Tours a second time (after you booked them the first time) and books directly with Nite Tours, you will get a commission for that second booking!!!

Do you know:

· Nite Tours was named as one of the top things to do in Las Vegas as per Los Angeles Times

· Nite Tours has offered over 3 Million people on our tours since 1990 focusing on Bachelorette packages and corporate/convention events.

· Nite Tours was mentioned as the Top 5 “To Do When in Vegas” on Trip Advisor

· Nite Tours supports our partners, anything you need please ask!!!

· Nite Tours is in talks for a new reality TV Show here in Vegas

· Nite Tours will be launching the new Ghost Hunt VERY Soon…Stay tuned…

· Nite Tours is expanding with new divisions in London England, New York, Boston and Chicago…we are also in talks for Dallas, Austin and Houston.

· All Nite Tours Limousines are completely done up to look and feel like an ultra lounge inside, very comfortable!

· Nite Tours is the best Value in Las Vegas as your clients will save a Ton of Money…This is better than any Line Pass Guaranteed!!!

· Nite Tours will try and customize a tour to your client’s needs and wants at no additional charge (pending request)

If you would like to experience Nite Tours products, please call us for a request form for you and your colleagues and join us for a Nite of FUN!!! It will give you a good understanding of what Nite Tours offers your clients. If you would also like a presentation, please call Darin Feth at our toll free number 702.877.6483 and I would love to meet with you and your colleagues to present my company to all of you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

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