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The Las Vegas Buffet (including top tips)

Las Vegas is famous for many things gambling, shows, show girls, headliners, sports the list goes on an on and near the top is Buffetthe famous buffet. All of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip (with the exception of NewYorkNewYork) offer a buffet this is a one price dining option where you eat as much as you like for fixed price, this includes starters, main courses, deserts and soft drinks. Buffets range in both cost and quality. Buffets started out in Vegas as a cheap way to feed the whole family and were often use as loss leaders to get people in through the casino doors and were extremely good value. Now a days you get a few cheap buffets but most are at least on a par as far as cost goes with the hotel coffee shop. Most buffets have a selection of food stations including, Italian, Mexican, carving stations and salad bars and many more. The quality generally matches the price and the cheap buffets have more stodge and cheap high carb foods to fill you up where as the more expensive ones may have more sea food or prime rib or other quality foods included. My favourite buffet by far is the Mandalay Bay dinner buffet it’s not cheap but its good value for quality food and a smashing location and setting. The worst buffet I have had was at Tropicana, too few choices and food that had been left warming for too long. The best value is either the breakfast buffet at Excalibur or a dinner buffet we had at the Hacienda near the Hoover Dan that was $3.49 for our dinner buffet!

Top 5 Buffet Tips

  1. Find out the times and arrive and pay just before the lunch buffet ends you will get the dinner food for the lunch prices.
  2. Don’t fill up on bread, pasta and potatoes they are put there so you fill up on the cheap food.
  3. Check to see if by joining the players club you can get a 2 for 1 coupon many casinos offer this the LV Hilton usually does.
  4. Take your time there is no time limit for you to be at the table of you eat slower you will enjoy it more, be less likely to get indigestion and be able to eat more!
  5. Don’t forget to leave room for desert – of you are stuffed before you have had your pudding you will be gutted!
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