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Hotels and Casino QuestionWe can’t afford to stay at the MGM Grand, but i would still love to eat at some of the restaurant and see some of the shows there, as well as other hotels on the strip….so my question is, can you enjoy what the different hotel/casinos have to offer if you are not a guest staying there?

Hi Angela,
My first couple of trips to Vegas we stayed at Motel 6 off of the Strip but all we did there was wash and sleep, it was as
MGM Grandcheap as chips. You are welcome and encouraged to use the restaurants in all of the hotels the same goes for all the shows. If you really want to save money you can go to the Tix4Tonite booths and get tickets for that night for half price, they open at 11am and its best to get there at say 1045 and wait for them to open then you get the biggest choice. The best thing about Vegas is that wherever you stay there is so much to see and do at the strip casinos whether you pay $40 for your room or $400 per night you can still see the Volcano at Mirage, the fountains at Bellagio, the Lions at MGM and many others for free. If you buy tickets for say Love you see the same show as the people staying in the penthouse at Wynn and your meal at Stack is the same food and service as that given to the people staying at a suite at MGM. So yes stay as cheap as you can (I would always stay on or very near the strip) and you have the same access to every restaurant and show that any guest does, some even try to use the pools of hotels that they are not staying at !

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