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Whenever I am in Vegas I always go to a Spa, below is a report by my friend Blagger on the three Spa’s he visited on his last trip to Las Vegas I hope you enjoy – Simon

I took in three spas on my recent Vegas trip. I’ve only really become a spa fan in the last three years or so. Prior to that I’d looked on it as something of a girls’ thing. Well more fool me for missing out all these years. I had basically the same treatment at each spa – a hot stone massage or its near equivalent at that particular establishment. Pretty boring I know – perhaps I should spread my wings and experiment a little but I guess I know what I like! I didn’t use any of the fitness center amenities so can’t comment on those.

Qua at Caesars Palace – Qua Signature Stone Massage. Monday April 21st, 11am
Qua Spa

So many people rave about this place that I had to try it. Be aware that unlike any other Vegas spa that I’m aware of who all seem to have cancelation policies of 2-4 hours before your appointment, Qua do not accept same day cancelations. Make sure that you don’t wake up that morning with the hangover from hell, because it’s too late to cancel and you’ll be paying whether you like it or not. I was staying at the Rio and could have jumped on their shuttle to Caesars but decided to drive there for my 11am appointment as I was planning to do some off-Strip stuff later that day. Qua is located in Augustus Tower and there’s a definite air of relaxation the moment you step away from the busy hotel lobby area. You can either take the elevator up one floor or use the elegant stairs, and you then walk along the corridor containing the hotel’s wedding chapels. The doors of the chapels are all open and I could say that it’s a cynical marketing ploy to attract future wedding business, but I actually found it pretty cool to check out the chapels. The spa is extremely impressive. I checked out the “Roman Baths”, three distinctly different spa pools with different temperatures before showering and waiting for my massage. The room that you and the other customers are taken into to wait for treatments is really cool. Reclining seats built into the wall and you kind of look upwards at a sort of planetarium effect on the ceiling whilst feeling more and more relaxed.

Eventually your therapist arrives and makes themselves known to you. They actually call them “artisans” at Qua. I guess that’s in keeping with the Roman vibe of the place. Still I prefer it to “technician” which has been the name of choice at some spas recently. That sounds like they’re employed by NASA! My massage by Tara was great. Some interesting little features that I hadn’t experienced previously like the mini hot stones between the toes. I’m not certain how beneficial they were but it felt good! I do enjoy a chat with my therapist/technician/artisan. Tara was from NYC and had been in Vegas for four years.

After my massage I checked out the steam room and sauna as well as the Roman baths once more. The Arctic Ice Room with its fake “snow” was awesome. I went back in three seperate times!

All in all Qua was great. One minor irritation however. The lockers sucked! They have those really small half size lockers and as I had a bit of stuff with me it was nowhere near big enough. Other than that it lived up to expectations.

Cost of treatment $170 (plus $30 tip)

Spa Mandalay at Mandalay Bay – Mandalay Hot Stone. Tuesday April 22nd, 4pm
Spa Mandalay

Let me stress that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with Spa Mandalay. It could be argued that it’s a beautiful facility. It’s just that I found it a little faceless and lacking in character. The staff were all very nice and couldn’t be any more helpful but it was definitely a bit of a let down after Qua. It actually reminded me a bit in terms of layout and atmospere of Spa Bellagio (perhaps the same design team had a say in the two MGM Mirage set-ups) but without quite having the same calm and serenity. My massage was excellent. Caroline was originally from LA but had lived in LV for nearly thirty years so it was good fun talking with her about when she was growing up there in the late 70s/early 80s.

After my massage I went to chill in the hot and cold tubs only to find that a large bachelor party of in the region of twenty guys had seemingly taken over the spa. Now don’t get me wrong, there was no blatant bad behavior here. No cases of beer were being opened and no strippers had been smuggled in but there were just so many of these guys that it made things a little uncomfortable for the few of us there who weren’t part of their gang. Finding a chair wasn’t easy and all the decent reading material (sports and men’s stuff like GQ) had been claimed. All that was left were the banking and investment magazines…

Spa Mandalay is worthwhile. I’d have liked to have been there when the bachelor party guys were elsewhere but that’s not the spa’s fault. It’s probably a step below the very best spas Vegas has to offer but still worth a visit. Full length lockers as well….. 🙂

Cost of treatment $155 (plus $25 tip)

Bathhouse at THEhotel – Hot Spiced Rum Stone Massage. Thursday April 24th, 11am

One word screams out at you here from the instant you step out of the elevator – “contemporary”. This isn’t like any other spa I’ve experienced in Vegas. Its scale is way smaller and a lot of it is dominated by dark colors. The hot and cold tubs were great as were the steam room and sauna. The massage was just ok but maybe I’d gone into massage overkill by now! I’m afraid to say that there was no noticable impact from the hot spiced rum aspect of the treatment. Jennifer from Seattle was really nice. She’d only been in Vegas for a year so no stories about LV back in the day. The selection of juices and fruit was really impressive here in the relaxation area and as well as the usual magazines it was impressive to see that day’s LA Times and New York Times. Out of town editions maybe that had gone to press the previous evening but still a nice touch. Also, what could only be described as the Rolls Royce of lockers was provided. Complete with a little drawer for your valubles and a totally seperate shoe area. Very cool.

All the staff here were really laid back but still very helpful. It’s a very hip and funky vibe but it’s definitely not a place like some bars or clubs where you’ll feel like you’re too old.

Cost of treatment $155 (plus $25 tip)

Three treatments in four days was (for me at any rate) one too many. In retrospect I should have just gotten a day pass for the Bathhouse and checked out the facilities there without having a massage. My take on my experiences. Qua was great. Is it my favorite spa on the Strip? Let’s just say that’s an extremely tough call between Qua, Spa Bellagio and Canyon Ranch (Venetian). Each of these has its good points that make it better than the competition in my eyes but it’s impossible for me to pick an overall #1. I haven’t visited the spa at Wynn so can’t compare it unfortunately. Spa Mandalay was a little disappointing but had I visited in the morning when it would probably have been less busy I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more. The Bathhouse is impossible to compare to most of its competitors. If you want something a little different from the traditional large scale spa experience then I recommend it highly.

As a final word, my favorite spa in the Las Vegas area remains the Ritz Carlton at Lake Las Vegas. If you have a car and want a memorable spa experience taking in some time out away from the Strip at the same time I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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