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Free Drinks in Vegas casinos – Etiquette

Drinks are free in Las Vegas Casinos if you are playing on the slots on at the tables, this does not mean that you don’t tip the cocktail waitress, this is an absolute must, $1 per drink is fair. The cocktail waitress gets taxed on every drink she serves so if you don’t tip her not only will you become invisible to her but she will in effect be charged for your drink!

Anyway a few tips here will help make the process of getting your free drinks a more pleasurable experience for both you and the waitress and if you make the waitress happy she will be back quicker and you will get more drinks, if you are rude you wil become invisible pretty quickly 😉Cocktail Waitress

    1. Tip her per drink, the first time she comes it’s worth tipping her more this will make her remember you and come back quicker.
    2. Don’t ask her for a drinks list, the casino generally can supply what ever drink that you desire if you are in doubt ask her is she has what you want.
    3. Don’t ask for drinks when she is delivering drinks the waitress has a patch to work and she will go and take orders, deliver the drinks and then take more orders you won’t get missed.
    4. Once you have ordered stay at the same place the waitress will usually note your drink by the machine, or table you are at if you move she will have no idea what you have ordered.
    5. It can take a long time to get your drinks the waitresses have to take a lot of orders and then walk off to the bar, then wait for the drinks and then serve them don’t give her a hard time for the wait.
    6. Only order one drink at a time this is casino policy and the waitress could get reprimanded for breaking it, this includes doubles all drinks served to you will have one shot in them regardless of the size of the glass.
    7. Don’t ever try and help yourself even for you own drink off of the tray, its physics it’s carefully balanced and moving the wrong drink at the wrong time will mean lots of drinks spilled on the floor.
    8. Don’t order for your friend/husband/wife “on the slot round the corner” they will be served if on the waitress’s patch if not they will be served by another.
    9. Don’t stop a waitress who is walking by if she is covering the patch that you are sitting at she will ask you for you order, if she is working another patch she cant take your order.
    10. Don’t ask a cocktail waitress for a drink when she is at the bar, she can only serve you if you are sitting on her patch, if you go to the bar you need to pay for your drink.

A quick work about getting the best hotel rates ;

To get the best rates always book with the hotel directly not only does this give you a better chance of an upgrade but it also means that you are generally able to change or cancel your booking without charge and if the rate drops then you can call the hotel and they will drop your rate if it rises you of course keep the lower rate. Be careful of sites that offer very cheap rates as these may be invited players rates that you can book but are not entitled to and can end up only being told this and having to pay rack rate at check in.

Direct links to the hotels ;

MGM Grand   Excalibur   Mandalay Bay,   Luxor  Aria   Bellagio,   The Mirage,     New York New York,     MGM Signature


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