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How to get the best Vegas Buffet for free at Wynn, Las Vegas

There are some good really good buffets on the Strip Bellagio is amazing, Cravings at Mirage is stunning and probably represents the best value, Mandalay Bay is home to my personal favorite, but the Las Vegas buffet crown now goes to Wynn and best of all with a little cunning you can sample this for free.

Wynn, Las Vegas1. Sign up for the Red Card and you get $10 in free play, if you give them an email address you will get an additional $5
2. Check how many points are needed for the buffet it’s normally it’s 25 points
3. Go to a video roulette machine
4. Put $40 in the machine and activate your free play.
4. Bet $18 on black, $18 on red, and $1 on 0 and $1 on 00
5. Repeat step 4 six more times.
6. You should lose $2 per spin for all 7 spins, and will have $41 left in the machine, if 0 or 00 come in you will lose $4 but this is unikley to come in more than once. Cash out and head to the players club to activate your buffet

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  1. This doesn’t work. Just tried a few days ago, and the minimum points needed is 150 for two free buffets. (there is no tier for one buffet) The video roulette games do not have 00 (or 0, forgot which), so you only lose $1 for each time you play this way (hedging at $18/18/1). If you play about 30 times or so (losing ~ $30), you should be able to earn 150 points, which works out to about $15/person for the buffet, which is still a fair deal if you have the time.

    When you sign up for the card, you get to spin a (virtual) wheel for a prize, the least of which is a $10 slot credit.

    We didn’t bother actually playing for the $15 buffet, as we were in a bit of a rush. But with a $10 credit, and playing through that back to an even $40, it would’ve needed another 30 dollars/plays to earn 150.

    Comment by Bob | June 10, 2008 | Reply

  2. As mentioned in my post the points do change when we were last there (Feb 2008) it was 50 points for 2 buffets but it does cahnge so you do need to check with the Red card club when you sign up

    Comment by vegasuncovered | June 10, 2008 | Reply

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