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Las Vegas funny lady – Rita Rudner releases book

Las Vegas funny lady Rita Rudner has released a book as with anything else to do with the brilliant woman it’s hilariously funny.

When celebrated comedian and New York Times bestselling author Rita Rudner turned fifty, she couldn’t even utter the dirty word. “It was more comfortable getting a laugh and telling people I was filthy than having to say the word fffiffffty,” she still stutters a bit, even in print. As the years stack up, some people Rita Rudner will do almost anything to reverse aging: Lasik surgery, hair dye, face cream, and “accidentally” celebrating the same birthday three years in a row. Always brilliantly funny as she directs her darts at our human shenanigans, Rita Rudner can’t help seeing the humor in the events that make up life in her ‘filthies.’ In the hilariously accurate I STILL HAVE IT… I JUST CAN’T REMEMBER WHERE I PUT IT: Confessions of a Fiftysomething, she relates and retells the absurd adventures of a woman navigating the world of ‘near-sighted insights.’ From reminiscing about her mother’s cooking (‘Most turkeys taste better the day after. My mother’s tasted better the day before’) to raising her own daughter (‘I worry about being an older mother, but I guess we’ll just connect in different ways. We’ll both be losing our teeth at around the same time’); the absurdity of reality shows (‘Future reality show: Who Wants to Eat a Cow Dung Sandwich?’); the foibles of driving (‘I’d like to point out the fact that honking doesn’t make cars disappear’) or taking up golf (‘How far am I away from the hole?’ I asked; ‘Twenty minutes,’ he replied), and her love of shopping (‘I buy a dress because I need change for gum’), Rudner shares her uproarious vision of modern life as a fiftysomething. Hardcover, 272 pages, published by Harmony. Order online here

Rita is currently headlining at Harrah’s, Las Vegas in their main showroom tickets at $54 + taxes and can be bought drectly from Harrah’s ticket office.

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