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Las Vegas, Getting there McCarran Airport to the Strip

McCarran International, Las Vegas, is a medium sized modern American airport much like many others except for many banks of slot machines at every turn! Unlike most other major airports McCarran is very close to the Strip you will have seen just how close as your plane makes its final journey towards the gate with MandalayBay and Luxorseparated form the runway by one road and a fence.

If you are arriving on an internal flight you will arrive in terminal 1 getting to your luggage and transport may or may not involve a short ride on a monorail into the main terminal building. Once there you will find a very large but very busy luggage reclaim area (when I was last there in Feb 08 this was being renovated) I have waited over an hour here for luggage but the renovation is aiming to make waits like this a thing of the past. Many of the hotels have check in desks in the reclaim area if your hotel is one of these it’s worth taking the time to check in before claiming your bags. Once you have your bags you can precede towards your transportation towards the strip.

International flights arrive at the much smaller Terminal 2 and this does not have the full facilities of Terminal 2 nor does it have hotel check in services. You will clear immigration and customs, collect your luggage (which is far quicker than Terminal 1) and then walk out of the terminal, you will then see the ground transportation options.

Basically you have 4 choices of transport (aside from car rental shuttles) Limo, Cab, Shuttle, and public bus.

This is by far the most popular and in my opinion the best, a cab to the South end of the Strip Mandalay Bay, Luxor, NYNY, Excalibur, and MGM Grand etc will cost you between $12-$20 depending on traffic and take around 10 minutes. Cabs to the middle of the Strip Mirage and Bellagio ect and North end of the Strip will take 10minutes or so longer and you should still generally get change for $20-$25, cabs are only licensed to take 4 passengers unless it’s a minivan and then its 5. One of the routes that the cabs take is known as the tunnel route and there is debate about whether it’s a ploy to rip off tourists, and you can tell the cabbie no tunnel and he should not take it. My view on it is this, the tunnel route does cost more but generally it’s quicker as the time it takes me to get to my hotel is far more important than a few dollars I will always ask the cab driver to take the fastest route. When you see the cab line you will think about finding another way to get to the Strip, however all though it’s long there are 20 cab stations it’s well managed and moves quickly and still makes the cab the quickest and easiest way to get to the Strip. Nevada taxicab Authority

Shuttle Busses
These are a popular way for many tourists but the costs if there are two or more of you are on a par or certainly no cheaper than a cab in most cases usually around $6-$8 each way or $12 – $15 return. Once aboard the Shuttle bus you will generally have to wait for them to fill up and then when you are on your way unless you happen to be staying at the MGM they will stop at several different resorts on the way making the journey very long. Some of the casinos offer their own shuttles which although they will go directly to the resort you will still have to wait for them to fill, the cost is comparable with a cab and they are uncomfortable. Shuttle busses and limos

Public Bus
There is no direct service from the McCarran to the Strip but you can get the 109 for $1.25 to the bus terminal and then change and get the Deuce for $2.50 for the single trip. The journey to the terminal is around 10 minutes and this does run 24/7 and then the Deuce can take anything up to an hour if your hotel is at the North end of the Strip. RTC website


There is generally no line for Limos and there are always several waiting for hire at McCarran this is a fun way to get to your hotel and not as expensive as you may think. Limos start at $57 and you do need to tip the driver but if you want to arrive in style this is it but limos are common in Vegas so please don’t expect heads to turn! Shuttle busses and limos

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