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Ruling against Las Vegas Gym in sex discrimination may have a knock on to Las Vegas Clubs

Could this be the end of Ladies free entry to Las Vegas nightclubs or free drinks for the ladies ? Interesting story in the Las Vegas Sun

Todd Phillips, a pale, slender and soft-spoken man who wears glasses, doesn’t look like a much of a tough guy.

And yet his persistence in pursuing a discrimination complaint he filed against a chain of local gyms — resulting in a public hearing by the Nevada Equal Rights Commission’s board Friday and a court order forcing the gyms to comply with a ruling in Phillips’ favor — is almost sure to shake up the lucrative nightclub industry in Las Vegas casinos, while establishing Phillips as an unlikely symbol of civil rights.

With a 3-1 vote Friday, the commission ruled that a Las Vegas Athletic Club promotion offering free memberships to women is discriminatory.

Las Vegas nightclubs typically offer free admission to women while men pay steep fees to get in — a policy that has been virtually stamped out in other states because of lawsuits like Phillips’.

Yet Friday was mostly an embarrassment for the Las Vegas Athletic Club, which was asked how the promotion could be reconciled with other forms of discrimination.

Phillips questioned whether a soul food restaurant should be able to offer discounts to attract white customers. Board members piled on, asking whether it would be appropriate for the gym to offer free memberships for, say, Catholics.

When the gyms’ owner said the promotion was intended to encourage women to patronize gyms in part because men accumulate more bad debts, a deputy attorney general asked whether the company had done similar studies on black versus white customers.

At the hearing, an attorney for the Nevada Resort Association, which represents major casinos, complained that the decision would have ramifications for businesses unable to make their cases.

Too bad, the board said — casinos weren’t party to the complaint.

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