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Shooting Guns at the Gun Store Las Vegas

Unlike the UK shooting almost anything is legal in Nevada and probably for this reason it attracts loads and loads of Brits every year. For only a few dollars you can become Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and Crocket, Tubs or some Mac 10 or some Uzi wielding maniac. All of this can be done not 15 minutes in a cab from MGM Grand straight down Tropicana East.

When you first walk into the Gunstore you know feel like Keanu Reeves in Matrix you know the line “I need guns, lots of guns”. The Gunstore seems to have every gun available with all types of shotguns, machine guns, automatic pistols, revolvers you name it they have it.

Three of us went we chose a gun each, it was $30 per gun for 30 shots and as long as we bought 30 rounds each we were allowed to have 10 rounds on each gun. We chose a gun each, Glok 21 45mm, Beretta 92F and a .38 Special Revolver, we were given the guns in a box. Next you are given a pair of goggles and ear muffs and taken to chose a target, basically you have a choice of either a silhouette of a man running or a selection of terrorists in various poises some holding hostages some just holding guns. You are then taken into the range given a safety talk where they warn you that if they tell you to put the gun down and you don’t comply they will not warn you again but will shoot you. Then they load the gun for you and you pop away at the targets and hear the loud bangs from the other shooters.

When you have finished they will take pictures of you with the guns so that you can send them home and show you work colleagues how grown up you are. After shooting way with the above we hired the special forces favourite the HK-MP5 machine gun (this is the baby that the police carry at airports and the alike) which I think was about $50 for 50 rounds and then we hired the Desert Eagle which I believe was .50 Cal and bloody heavy this I think was $20 for 5 shots it made one huge bang and had a hell of kick and my friend did not move his head when he was aiming and git hit in the mouth by an exiting cartridge.

All in all good fun and fair value and a great opportunity to do something that you can not do at home, it’s not cheap but then it is not too expensive either.

Oh just one thing I took a few spent cartridges as a souvenir and forgot about them, these set off the alarm on the metal scanner at McCarran airport on the way back and earn’t me a special search in a private room !!

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  1. Hi Simon,
    I am just dropping you a note to let you know that I run an outdoor shooting business, Shooting Safaris. The range is on the way to Hoover Dam. No fully automatic firearms but black powder, cowboy, and WW2 guns along with police weapons. Instead of holes in paper, some targets get knocked over, pulverized, or blown up. Easier to capture shooting on film as there are no shooting lane dividers. Long range shooting out several hundred yards is available along with clay bird shooting with shotguns.
    Tom Koch

    Comment by Tom Koch | February 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. […] can not really do in the UK at least not with live ammo, I love shooting and usually pop in to the Gun Store, Tom Koch emailed to tell me about his great looking range outside of Las Vegas. I have not been on […]

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