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Shooting is somthing that we can not really do in the UK at least not with live ammo, I love shooting and usually pop in to the Gun Store, Tom Koch emailed to tell me about his great looking range outside of Las Vegas. I have not been on this but the length of range and the fact that the groups are very small and that it is outside looks very exciting to me. The range of guns very different and creating a unique shooting experience. Anayway Tom has written a few works about this, listed below….

Shooting Safaris is your Las Vegas outdoor shooting destination. Why shoot outdoors?
It allows greater distances, more interesting targets, black powder ammo and better
photography. And s hooting shotguns at clay birds can be added to any shooting
program. Four different shooting programs are available. The Shooting Through
History program features 17 firearms from US History ranging from a flintlock rifle
to wild west guns to modern weapons including a sniper rifle and the 460 revolver. I
don’t rush people through to get to the next customers. I enjoy explaining how
things work and the best way to handle a firearm. The range is located between Las
Vegas and the Hoover Dam. Check out or call Tom at
702-283-3812 for more information.

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