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BANK (rupt) Nightclub at Bellagio Las Vegas

truly is a terrible nightclub that does a real disservice to the greatness that is the Bellagio.  It is disappointing that one of Las Vegas’ most opulent hotels has created one of the most unappealing and least atmospheric nightspots.

Entry to Bank is expensive compared to other night spots on the strip.    The club is accessed by two escalators that send you into a moodily lit club.  If you have even seen one of the LA clubs featured on The Hills MTV show you will get the idea.  The club décor is nice but uninspiring.

The club itself is surprisingly small designed around a single dance floor.  Steps from the bars lead down past two levels of VIP seating to the dance floor.  When dancing you feel like you are in amphitheatre being inspected by the VIP tables.  The dance floor itself is rectangular with seating set into an alcove on one side.

The biggest problem with the club is that it lacks any discernible atmosphere.  Compared to JET and PURE, which bounce to happy partying folk everyone in BANK looked miserable.

On the night we visited the DJ was trying to mix Persian dance music.  Not only did the tune selection suck, the DJ couldn’t mix at all.  When a song did rouse a resemblance of life from the dance floor the tune was pulled and another terrible track dropped.  The DJ could not read the room at all, which meant at regular intervals streams of people filed off the dance floor simultaneously to visit the bar.

To its credit the bar staff are cool and friendly.  It was easy to get served and there were plenty of staff to ensure people were not waiting around.

The quicker the Bellagio produces a nightclub with the same pedigree and prestige as the hotel and casino the better.  The Bank is BANK-rupt avoid at all costs!

Cover; from $30

Dress Code;  Upscale Fashionable Attire

Bottle Service; from $300

Contact ; (702) 693-8300

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