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How much money do you need to take to Las Vegas ?

After being asked about how to get a free upgrade the question that I am asked the most is “How much money do I need to take to Las Vegas ?” This is a very difficult to answer as it is the same as someone saying “How much do I need to spend on grocery’s each week ?”

So I will do the best I can to try and show some examples of spends and costs and what I would spend. I am going to assume that your hotel (including resort fees) and flights are paid and that you do not have a rental car and that you will not be doing any shopping. Please bare in mind that I have have great trips in Vegas on $25 per day when I have been hard up and great trips when my budegt has been $1k per day its not the money that makes it better or worse.

The first expense that you will have is getting to your hotel from McCarran you have four options cab $15 – $30(depending on hotel and time of day), shuttle bus $12-$15 (return), public bus $2.50 or Limo approx $60. How to get from the airport to the Strip

When you get to the hotel if you have bags that you will check you should allow $5 per bag for a tip for the bellboy, at the same time it is worth putting a few dollars away for the maid they do a good job and often get forgotten we generally tip the maid $3 per day or $5 if we want extra shampoos etc to take home for Christmas presents 🙂 How much to Tip in Las Vegas

We generally take in a show every two or three nights when we are in Las Vegas we book one absolute cannot miss show before we leave home so this would not come out of our budget all the others we buy from the half price booths and we have paid as little as $15 for a magic show and about $125 for a Cirque show. I think that if you budget $75 for a show that as long as you are prepared to be flexible you should be able to find something that you like. If you want to book direct with the hotel when you are out there shows vary in price depending on show and seats and day of the week etc from about $40 to several hundred dollars.

Dining in Las Vegas is something where you can get buy on say $15 a day but you can also pay $10 for a coffee so what you spend is really up to you. We tend to either have a very small breakfast just coffee and a danish then coffee shop or deli lunch and proper meal in the evening or large or buffet breakfast a snack at lunchtime and then decent dinner. Excalibur and Luxor have 24 hour buffet deals for $24.99 and then $29.99 respectively and this is probably the cheapest way to stay full in Las Vegas though not the best. We generally allow $10 for coffee and danish, $15 for deli or coffee shop lunch and then the evening can be anything from a $20 buffet to a $200 fine dining meal at Eiffel. Food prices change between hotels we were surprised to find that staying at Wynn we spent a lot more money than say at MGM Grand as everything costs more.

Drinks are free when you are gambling (subject to tipping) but if not the prices vary greatly from one casino to another and how you get them ! Casino Royale has the cheapest beer with Michelob $1 all day every day at their bars generally though expect to pay $8 for a beer and $12 for a shot and mixer in a casino bar. Following the rules in the link below will ensure that you maximise your free drinks at the same time don’t piss off the cocktail waitresses.. FREE DRINKS IN LAS VEGAS

Like everything else in Vegas you and gamble as little or as much as you like there are slots from 1c and tables from $5 up slots at $1k per spin and tables with minimums of $5k per hand. Please  remember that most machines are multi lines and to get any return you need to play multiple lines and you should expect a minimum for 25c per spin on a 1c machine Unless you have a few good wins to start with as a rule of thumb you will spend at least twice what you think that you will on slots. $5 tables now are few and far between in the major resorts but Tropicana and believe it or not Bellagio have $5 BJ tables open 24/7 but generally speaking the more upmarket the hotel the less likely you are to find low limit tables. I have had days when I have stared with $40 and it has lasted me all day and I have even left with a profit and had other days where I have dropped $200 in 20 minutes. You can get comps on your play but never ever play for comps take them as nice bonus but don’t expect or try to play just to get a comp.

So roughly here is what I would allow as spending money for a 3 night trip Las Vegas

Taxi to and from airport $40
Tips for bellboy and maid $20 (plus $20 Upgrade trick)
Show with drink $80
Food* $250
Drinks (above free ones) $80
Gaming $300 – $1000
Misc $75

1 x Luxor 24 hour buffet deal $35
2 x coffee and danish breakfasts $20
1 x med quality dinner $100
1 x good buffet dinner $40
snacks and sodas $55

Please note this is a very rough idea and you really spend as little or as much as you like in Las Vegas,

See all the sights of Las Vegas. Book a tour on

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New York New York Las Vegas – my review

New York New York

3790 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas
NV 89109
Tel +1 (702) 740 6969
New York New York Las Vegas

Location Right on the money, sitting on the corner of the Strip with Tropicana Avenue, the busiest road intersection in the USA. There are foot bridges connecting New York New York with the MGM Grand and Excalibur.

Theme Well what can I say; it’s the Big Apple. All of the buildings outside are 1/3 scale copies of those in Manhattan including the Empire State, Chrysler and CBS buildings. There is also a Statue of liberty and a Brooklyn Bridge with a ” Coney Island” roller coaster screeching round the whole lot. The theme does not stop outside, as you enter the casino you will see manhole covers with smoke rising out of them, trees in Central Park and hotdog vendors. It is dubbed as the greatest little city in Vegas something, we think, is well earned.

Rooms NYNY used to be a cheap resort I am not sure why but now it’s generally more expensive than MGM Grand and Monte Carlo. The rooms are a little on the small side but they are nice, be warned though if you have a room facing the strip you will hear the rollercoaster. It’s quite cool that your room is in a particular New York Skyscraper like Empire State or Chrysler tower.

Attractions The Manhattan Express rollercoaster, supposedly the best in Vegas, runs round the outside of the structure speeding up to 67mph for $7 per ride. Sadly The Coney Island Emporium amusement arcade has been closed down. There are Ice shows outside, around Ellis Island, in the winter and tugboats spray water at each other in the summer.

Pool Surprisingly for a resort that has spent so much attention to detail the pool is very small and drab; this is not a place to stay if the pool is very important to you.

Shows and Entertainment Zumanity is the Cirque De Soleil offering here it’s the sensual side of Cirque, that means nudity and sexiness all held together by a drag queen compere. We loved this show it was great fun but you have to be opened minded to enjoy it and you also need to sit facing the center of the stage we were at the side and feel that we missed something for this. Coyote Ugly whilst not a show in the true sense is an interactive bar where the bar tenders dance on the bar and pour drinks directly into patrons mouths.

Dining This is the only Strip resort that has no buffet. America – 24 hour coffee shop is very good though the wait for the food can be longer than you feel it should. Il Fornai is a lovely Italian next to a stream that offers “outside” dining this is one of the best places for breakfast in Vegas. Gallaghers Steak house is pricey but very good you can see all the meat maturing in glass fridges. Nine Fine Irishman is an Irish pub offering good food and ambience. There are also several Delis and hotdog stalls as well as the village eatery. This has a variety of, eat in/take away fastish food.

Gaming 81,000 sq ft of well themed gaming fun containing nearly 2500 state of the art slot and video machines, along with about 50 tables and 7 roulette wheels. NYNY contains one of the best selections of slots on the Strip with a very large selection of my favorites; the good old low roller nickel machines. They have all the usual wheel of fortune, Adams Family, Winning Bid etc. plus Swing which we did not see elsewhere. The gaming area is a little dark and in certain parts slightly cramped but didn’t appear as noisy as some. Live acts performing at the huge bar at the front makes a nice diversion to the hundred dollars you have just lost. I don’t know if we were just lucky but we seemed to have a better hit rate on the NYNY slots than at any other Strip casino.

Drinks service Like all casinos the service you receive whilst playing on the lowly nickel machines is never as good as when you are playing on the dollar ones, but the service here, even for us low rollers, was quite good. One thing – steer clear of the coffee.

Overall We love it, it’s exciting and you leave the real world for the time that you are in there. The theme works very well, with a very good variety of slot machines and friendly staff. It is our favorite casino, although it may have helped that we hit a jackpot there.

Good points The whole theme thing as you enter from the upper level is New York; it works well and is great fun.

Bad points I don’t think that there is anything that I dislike about NYNY apart from that at busy times we had to wait for machine attendants but this could have been the same anywhere. Oh the pool is pretty poor.

Top Tip If you ride the rollercoaster and love it you can by re-ride tickets for about half price or if you really love it you can buy an unlimited daily ride pass.

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Nitetours launches the ultimate glamorous ladies night in Las Vegas

Nitetours kept hearing how there was lots in Las Vegas for the boys, but not for the girls! Nitetours didn’t think that this was very fair, so they have launched the Nitetours Ladies night to level things up a bit!

The Nitetours ladies nights are exclusively for the fairer sex, definitely a case for one night only of no boys allowed.   Nitetours will not budge on this, so no bribes, threats or promises will allow a guy to sneak into the most desirable limo in town.  Ladies will be escorted to the hottest spots in town, they won’t stand in line, they won’t pay covers and they will be kept safe and sound by the Nitetours VIP Hostesses.

All Nitetours ladies nights include;Ultra Lounge to start the evening with 2for1 drinks and free drinks or bottle service in select clubs on this tour.  The package includes luxury Limousine party bus transportation, a “nightclub on wheels,” with unlimited free beverages in the limo as revellers visit three of Las Vegas’ Hottest Nightclubs.  Party goers on the tour Are given VIP club access with no line, no cover charge and VIP Hostess to make sure your evening is perfect

You don’t need to be on a batchorlette party, you don’t need to even be in a group to take advantage of the best ladies only tour in Las Vegas.  If you like partying, you like dancing and you like having a good time then this is the tour for you. While there will be more hot guys than you can handle in the clubs you visit, it’s a ladies only tour so you can really let you hair down in the Limo. Your VIP hostess will ensure that you have a fabulous girlie night either with old friends or whilst making new ones.  With prices starting at only $49 this is the best bet you can have whilst in Las Vegas.

Tour #1:
Mist Ultralounge, Christian Audiger, LAX, PURE
Tour #2:
Caramel Ultra lounge, The Bank, JET, Tryst
Tour #1: Mist Ultralounge, Christian Audiger,
Tour #2: Caramel Ultra lounge,
The Bank, JET, PURE
Tour #1:
Caramel Ultra lounge, Prive, Tryst, PURE
TOUR #2:
Caramel Ultra lounge, The Bank, PURE , Late Night 54

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Nitetours launches new Las Vegas added value Night Club Tours

When I first visited Las Vegas getting into clubs was a nightmare you end up standing in line for ages and then half the time don’t get in, you then have to tip the bouncer, the guy the with the clipboard, the waitress and this is on tip of paying a $40 cover charge. I don’t have that problem now since meeting my good friend Darin Feth and using his Nitetours service clubbing in Las Vegas has become easy, affordable and fun. Darin has provided me with is latest press release and offers which is listed below, I have had many friends both form the UK and US who I have recommended Nitetours to and without exception they have all had great nights. If you are going clubbing in Vegas do it with  Nitetours.

Where Nightlife Begins…







* * *



Ladies Nite Out $69 Per Lady:

Thursdays Mist 2for1 drinks, Christian Audiger, LAX, finish at PURE

Friday’s Caramel 2for1 drinks, The Bank (Free champagne), JET, PURE

Saturday’s Caramel 2for1 drinks drinks, Prive, PURE, Tryst

VIP Club Crawls $69 for ladies and $79 for Men

Thursday’s Mist 2fro1 drinks, Christian Audiger, LAX, PURE

Friday’s Mist 2fro1 drinks, Christian Audiger, JET or The Bank, PURE

Saturday’s Caramel Lounge 2for1 drinks, Prive or the Bank, Studio 54 or Risqué, Voodoo or RAIN

***Groups of 10 or more Nite Tours offers a tour any night of the week***

club line up is subject to change only due to buy out or special events

***PLEASE CALL us with any questions

Customize Private Nite Tours Private tours, martini/wine tastings, etc

NITE TOURS: 702.877.6483

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Bellagio Queen of the Las Vegas Strip !!

Bellagio Las Vegas, secret rates ;)

3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South
at West Flamingo
Las Vegas
NV 89109
+1 (702) 693 7111
Bellagio Las Vegas

Location Center Strip next to Ceasers oppersite Paris could not really be any better.

Theme Well it’s amazing! Theme based on a northern Italian Village on the shores of Lake Como, did I say on the shores? Well they built the lake as well but missed out the usual beaches that you would find in Italy. The theme doesn’t stop at the village you can see across the lake; the shopping arcade has a very Italian feel to it. As does the pool that you would not be surprised to find in a very upmarket Tuscany Villa. The only thing that does not fit in with this theme is the completely over the top luxury, this is just not found in Italian Villages! I must admit though the two themes added together do work well for the well-heeled patrons of the magnificent Bellagio.

Attractions Bellagio is stacked full of attractions all slightly different from the usual ones that are aimed at getting you through the doors of a Strip casino. You will not find a rollercoaster or a fire breathing dragon here, you will however see the Bellagio gallery of fine art holding some of the world’s most expensive pictures in it including Van Gough‘s sunflowers. The biggest, most obvious and voted the best freebie on the Strip is the dancing fountains, these are brilliant. Over 1200 water cannons shooting water 240 ft in the air and “dancing” to a variety of music from Sinatra to Pavarotti. The glass mural roof above the check in desk is not to my taste, but I can see attraction, 3D flowers, which must have cost no small fortune. There is a lovely glass domed conservatory housing thousands of exotic flowers and plants. The displays in the conservatory change with the seasons and seem to get better each year well worth a visit.

Like everything else at Bellagio the pool is class, no waterslides or fake beaches here but 5 pools in classic Italian style with hand carved stone features. There are 4 whirlpool tubs and also a lap pool for those who feel the need to work off the buffet!

Shows and Entertainment Bellagio is home to Cirque De Soleil’s “O” this was the first Cirque show to come to Vegas and is preformed in water ! “Cirque du Soleil® weaves an aquatic tapestry of artistry, surrealism and theatrical romance in the timeless production, “O™.” The international cast of world-class acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers and characters perform in, on, and above water to create a breathtaking experience in a magnificent theatre reminiscent of a European opera house.” With names such as Hermes, Rolex, Tiffany and Chanel my wife and I assume many others find the upmarket stores here great entertainment.

Dining The buffet has been crowned king of the strip but at $27.95 going up to $35.95 at weekends for dinner it crowns the pricing as well (B$14.95, L$19.95 and $28.95 for Sunday Brunch with champagne). The no children rule here is strictly enforced ensuring that little fingers are kept out of such delights as crab claws, venison and duck breast offerings. We did not find a food court as such but a very good coffee shop opposite the swimming pool. Bellagio has a host of gourmet restaurants with prices to match; many of these are situated around the lake providing the best possible view of the fountain shows. Bellagio Picasso’s Mediterranean restaurant must be mentioned as it has only original Picasso’s on its walls, they are lesser known works and not anything special but its typical of the Bellagio “money no object” policy.

Gaming It’s big but seems quieter than most other Casinos on the Strip. The tables are canopied and the limits are higher than elsewhere on the Strip with the minimum often $25. There are not as many slot machines here and the ones that there are have the volume reduced on them and the pay out trays even seem quieter. The Bellagio does not have very many nickel machines but a does have a good selection of quarter upward machines. The casino, like the shopping arcade, is over run by security guards.

Drinks service On quarter and nickel slots you are lucky to see a cocktail waitress; once you get on the tables even the $10 tables the service is very good.

For well heeled patrons who want that ultimate luxury; this is your place. Everything here is the very best that money can buy. Great theme and magical fountains a very different affair from many of her rivals. Though I some say tha Bellagio has lost its crown to Wynn !

Good points The dancing fountains, I could watch them for hours.

Bad points
The secuirity can be a bit snotty and you can feel that some of staff look down their noses at the low rollers such as myself.

Top Tip
Buy a travel mug at Palios coffee shop for $6.49 and refill it for free with coffee, tea or soda for the duration of your visit.

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Circus Circus, Las Vegas My Review

2880 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas
NV 89109
+1 (702) 734 0410
CircusCircus Las Vegas

Location Circus Circus is at the very North end of the Strip, a fair walk from the major new and more exciting casinos. Travelling by foot at night particularly if you go North, can feel uneasy.

Theme Well I guess you have already spotted this, nestling at the very North end of the Strip a 200 ft neon clown; yup it’s the Circus. The main casino structure is in the form of a giant big top and all the buildings have red and white stripes down them, you can see what they are getting at. The main casino continues this OTT theme with circus acts, swinging from trapezes or walking over tightropes 40 ft above you head. I am sure I saw a few clowns around both in and out of costume.

Attractions Circus Circus opened in 1968. It was the first casino aimed at the family market, so as you can imagine there are loads of attractions with many of them aimed at the little ones. Adventuredome including Grand Slam Canyon is now the only theme park available to the public on the Strip; MGM Grand has gone corporate hire only. This has rollercoaster’s, log flumes and all the usual thrill rides you would find elsewhere. All contained in a climate controlled massive glass dome. It represents great value at $16 for all rides all day. On the midway section (above the main casino floor) there is a state of the art video arcade as well as many fairground type stalls where you can win cuddly toys and the like. The centre stage gives free performances all day from 11am to midnight featuring animals, magicians, jugglers and the like, it’s free and there is never more than 30 minutes between performances. Hacket’s bungee jump also gives you the chance to jump from about 200 foot up with only an oversized rubber band to prevent you becoming pavement pizza.

Pool The pool is small and in a parking lot, it has horrible Circus Circus sun umbrellars and is full of screaming kids.

Shows and Entertainment Circus Circus is home to the largest permenant Circus in the world and they preform acts above the casino floor (see the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever), there is no actual showroom here and no shows ! There is the adventuredome but no proper shows, guess the kiddies would have to be cared for.

Dining Well the Circus Circus buffet is probably the most famous on the Strip, it is advertised everywhere as the cheapest on the strip and as feeding more mouths than any other. These are two facts that are most likely accurate, with dinner at just $11.99 lunch $10.99 and breakfast a mere $9.99 they are going to feed loads of people. The food is best described as boring and bland, I won’t go any further than that. Reviews I have read in several places made me decide to eat elsewhere. The food cannot be that bad though or it would not get the custom it does. The fact it has some of the longest dining queues in Vegas makes eating here is no quick deal. Circus Circus also houses a selection of fast food joints including McDonalds, Circus Pizzeria, a couple of Deli’s and a 24-hour coffee shop. Surprisingly Circus Circus also has two more up market restaurants Stivali (Italian) and The Steak House which is consistently voted the best in Vegas and friends that have eaten there feel its earn’t its accolade

Gaming Circus Circus actually has two casinos so far apart that a monorail joins them. In total there is 110,979 sq ft of gaming space, which has crammed in it nearly 3000 slot and video poker machines, about 70- tables and 7 roulette wheels. This is very much a low rollers joint and has stacks of nickel machines and table minimums of about $2, unlike other Strip casinos there are loads of these low stake tables. The skyrise casino is quite small but is quieter, less smoky and has less children in it than the main casino but no circus acts to watch as you wait for the change woman to get round to you. The service level you receive here is not as good as many other casinos on the Strip as it is aimed at low rollers and you get treated that way. The main casino is very smoky and this can not be good for the hoards of noisy, excited and badly behaved children that are everywhere. It has also been reported (though I haven’t seen it) that this casino is the chosen resort of the more unsavoury types who travel up from LA on US public holidays. Noticing that even the arcade has airport type metal detectors at the entrance there is probably some truth in this.

Drinks service
Forget it. We were there 3 hours and never got a drink. Don’t know I they are just stingy or are worried that a “minor” will steal it when you are not looking.

Overall Circus Circus is aimed at families and budget travellers and accordingly is exceptional value, you get a lot of facilities for the price. You do however pay for this by having to put up with hundreds of children and a very poor location. This is the entry level casino of the Circus Circus group which includes Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur. There are many far nicer places than this on the Strip, which will give you exactly the same odds.

Good points Um… very tricky. Guess it must be that there is a very large selection of nickel machines and that my sister hit a jackpot here. Rooms are also very cheap.

Bad points Equally hard. Either the terrible location or the clientele

Top Tip Pay and extra $5-$10 a night and stay at Excalibur, if you have to stay here make sure that you stay in a tower and not in the motor lodge rooms.

Best Vegas hotel offers

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Christian Audigier nightclub Las Vegas, hosted by The Hills stars Lauren and Audrina


It will be a night not to miss as reality darling Lauren Conrad returns to Las Vegas to host a hot happening at Christian Audigier The Nightclub at Treasure Island on Saturday, August 9. The blonde bombshell will bask in the spotlight as she enjoys a night on the town and celebrates the success of her clothing line The Lauren Conrad Collection inside Sin City’s sexiest nightspot.


Sexy siren Audrina Patridge returns to Las Vegas to host a posh party inside Christian Audigier The Nightclub at Treasure Island on Saturday, August 16. The reality television star will keep hearts racing and heads turning as she dances the night away to the sweet summer sounds of DJ CyberKid at The Strip’s hottest new night spot.

For the best night out in Las Vegas chose Nitetours

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Ricky Hatton to fight Malignaggi at MGM Grand, Las Vegas 22nd November

Further to article below Ricky “the Hitman” Hatton has apparently  confirmed he will be fighting at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas on the 22nd November this Year. The bout will take place in the MGM Grand Garden Arena where he has his only defeat of his career against Floyd Mayweather las year.

“Ricky Hatton looks certain to confirm he has switched his next fight from New York to Las Vegas, as exclusively revealed by The Times earlier this week, in order to save his army supporters money in the build up to Christmas.

The 29-year-old IBO light-welterweight champion is due to fight Paulie Malignaggi, holder of the equivalent IBF belt, in November, and reportedly had his heart set on a bout at Madison Square Garden. Hatton has always dreamed of topping the bill at the legendary venue, where New Yorker Malignaggi is also a big draw.

But the Manchester-born fighter says that fighting in New York could be significantly more expensive for his travelling supporters and so is prepared to return to the scene of his only defeat, December’s 10th-round knockout by Floyd Mayweather at the MGM Grand, on November 15 or 22.

Hatton’s father and promoter Ray said: “Although it would be great to top the bill at Madison Square Garden – even though he’s only fought there once before – this is about the fans.
“His exact words were, ‘Dad, the fans made me, so I want what’s best financially for the fans. I want to make it more a price for them because it is near Christmas’.
“He’s putting his weight behind Vegas because of the money the fans are going to save.”

Source Times online

Book your hotel as soon as you can, if you book direct, with any MGM Mirage resort you only pay the first night as a deposit, if your plans change (or Ricky’s do) you can get your deposit back with no penalty. If you book direct you get the best possible rate as there is no middleman, if the arte goes down after you book and you contact the hotel and they will drop your rate but in my opinion once they know the fight is on the rates will soar so book early. Beneath are the best offers currently available for dates covering the 22nd November. Luxor, Excalibur, New York New York and Monte Carlo are all an easy short walk from MGM Grand.

MGM Grand Specal internet offers

Excalibur, free upgrade to Widescreen room, $25 dining credit 2 for 1 tickets for tournament of kings form $51 per night

Excalibur Stay and Pay from $51

Mirage from $72 a night

Luxor various offers from about $68ish>

New York New York free room upgrade

Circus Circus from $41 but non refundable and a long way down the Strip

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Tipping in Las Vegas – how, who and how much to tip in Las Vegas

Las VEgas Strip

Las vegas StripBelow is what I tip, I am not saying that this is generous (I am mean) but its what I generally tip and only once has anyone acted in a way where they thought that I had not tipped enough. My tips are based on a mid range casino like MGM, Luxor or Monte Carlo if you are at a top hotel like Wynn, Mirage or Bellagio adjust up slightly and a cheaper property like Excalibur or Circus Circus slightly less.

Bell Boy – I generally tip $2 per bag when it arrives in the room I don’t generally tip the person who gets my stuff out of the trunk as the tips are pooled so they should be covered. I would do the same for the Bell boy who delivers my bags back to my car or taxi when I leave. Sometimes you can wait ages for your bags or for a Bell boy to come to your room I still tip as the Bell Boy is generally doing his best but in busy times there are just not enough of them employed by the hotel.

Check in clerk – I always tip the check in clerk before my room is assigned, if I want an upgrade using the $20 trick, even if its just for a view of the Vegas Strip then I tip at least $20 (see here). If I just want to make sure I don’t have the room by the kitchen extractor fan or with a stunning view of the third level of the parking lot maybe $10.

The Maid – the poor maid often gets forgotten about because you don’t see her, I always leave at least $3 per day for the maid, usually on the pillow or under a spent bottle of toiletries.

Dealers – I am slightly funny about this I rarely tip a dealer directly but if I am doing well I put small side bets for the dealer every now and again, when I leave the table if I am up I will usually tip the dealer about 5% up to about $50. I have had many dealers in Las Vegas who I have found either moody or boring in this case regardless of what I win I will not tip.

Cocktail Waitresses –In Las Vegas all drinks are free whilst you are playing if they are served to you by a cocktail waitress but you need to tip.If I am just passing and don’t expect to stay I tip $1 – $2 per drink if I am going to be there for a while I tip $5 per drink for the first one then usually $1 per drink after that. See here for more detail.

Barman – I tip $2 – $5 per round up to 5 drinks I think that this is probably on the stingy side but that is what I tip. In London you dont usually tip a barman but this is expected in Las Vegas.

Bellagio Las Vegas, secret rates ;)

Valet Parking – There is no charge for valet parking in Las Vegas (except at the Four Seasons) so tip the guy, but only when you collect your car usually tip $2 if I want it quickly and ask and I get it quickly thi.s can become $5 – $10

Guy that calls the cab, outside most hotels there is a guy who calls the cab and opens the door for you, most people tip him $1 I don’t I am happy an capable of calling a cab myself just not allowed to.

Cab Driver – This depends if it’s a very short trip under say $6 I give the change to $10, this is to compensate the cabbie for the time he has spent waiting and the fact he could have got a better fare. $6-$10 generally the change and a couple of dollars $10 upwards the change + 20%. If the cab driver is moody or if he takes me what I think is a long route he won’t get tipped he wont like it but he wont get tipped. I am on vacation I am paying for a service and part of that service is his attitude.

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Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas – My Review

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay Las VegasMandalay Bay

3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas

NV 89119

+1 (702) 632 7777

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

Location This is the first or last resort on the Strip depending on how you look at it. It overlooks the airport and out towards the mountains. Its nearest neighbour is the Luxor and that is about a 10 minute walk. Luckily there is a monorail that links you to Luxor and Excalibur; this makes the location of Mandalay Bay the ideal resort for people who want easy access to the action of the Strip without being right in it.

Theme Tropical Island is the theme here, with a swimming pool the size of 9 football pitches complete with lovely palm trees and jungle type foliage. Pseudo bird and animal sounds as you enter the property along with loads of water features and a classy beach resort feel.

Mandalay Bay RoomRooms The rooms and suites at Mandalay Bay are lovely the smallest are a whopping 550 sq ft which is as big as suite in other properties. The rooms are all remodeled and are chic and comfortable. The rooms here in terms of quality are up there with Bellagio and that step above MGM Grand. Mandalay Bay has wider choice of room and suite type than most other resorts but whatever level you are in you will be pleased with your choice.

Attractions Shark Reef has been voted the best tourist attraction on the Strip. It is similar to a Sea Life centre with a walkthrough reef containing real sharks. The pool is worth a look, and Mandalay Bay is now up there with Caesars and MGM Grand as far as being a big shot boxing venue. I did not see an amusement arcade, nor do I expect there to be one hiding in a nook or cranny as you get the feeling this is a resort for grown ups.

Pool Amazing truly amazing its hard to believe its man made, if this is not the best pool in Vegas its very close. It has waves a real beach, waterfalls, lagoons you name it this pool has got it.Mandalay Beach, Las Vegas

Shows and Entertainment Mandalay Bay has the hit Abba musical Mamma Mia as its only production show, baring in mind how far up the Strip it is this is quite surprising. However Mandalay Bay also has the Mandalay Bay events center and arena and is host to many huge names as well as sporting events in particular boxing.

Dining The dining options at Mandalay Bay are huge lets start with the Bay Side Buffet (B$15.99, L$19.99, D$26.99 champagne Sunday Brunch $23.99) has a stunning view over the marvellous pool. Better still the food was great including a mountain of smoked salmon that we rapidly mined. This buffet feels up market, the food is probably not as good as Planet Hollywood but the setting is great and so I think this buffet more than justifies its high price tag. There is not only a 24hr Coffee shop here but also a 24hr noodle bar; great for those of us that craves sweet and sour at 6am!! There are another 8 or so more expensive restaurants including Trattoria Del Lupo – a very expensive Wolfgang puck restaurant, several very expensive seafood eateries, a couple of South Asian places to keep eating in line with the theme and Red Square the only Russian restaurant in Las Vegas. In depth information on Mandalay Bay dining here.

MandalY bay, Concerts on the beach

Gaming 135,00sq ft including 2400 slots from a nickel upwards and loads of table games Mandalay Bay has a spacey, airy and refreshing casino. Not feeling bustled or cramped is noticed and enjoyed here. Although there are a lot of slots here, there are not loads of nickel machines here, Mandalay Bay is aimed at upper middle Californians and they are not too keen to attract too many low rollers like yours truly.

Drinks service We played on nickel and quater machines here and did not find the drinks service as good as elsewhere. That said the drinks we did get were some of the best in strength – up there with the Las Vegas Hilton.

Overall A great resort it has everything great bars, great places to eat, great clubs, best pool in Vegas and nice spacious feel. This resort gives quality and expects quality back it captures a far number of the young rich beautiful people from LA.

Good points Amazing pool The tropical feel, the theme is done very well without being over the top and does make you feel very fresh and clean. Oh yes and rich!!!

Bad points Location it’s great to get to from the airport or I15 from LA ,as it’s the last casino on the Strip but it’s a pain if you want to visit several casinos in one evening you need to have a car or use cabs.

Top Tip Look around and you will notice that this is the Montecido from the TV show Las Vegas, watch out for Danny and big Ed.

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