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How much money do you need to take to Las Vegas ?

After being asked about how to get a free upgrade the question that I am asked the most is “How much money do I need to take to Las Vegas ?” This is a very difficult to answer as it is the same as someone saying “How much do I need to spend on grocery’s each week ?”

So I will do the best I can to try and show some examples of spends and costs and what I would spend. I am going to assume that your hotel (including resort fees) and flights are paid and that you do not have a rental car and that you will not be doing any shopping. Please bare in mind that I have have great trips in Vegas on $25 per day when I have been hard up and great trips when my budegt has been $1k per day its not the money that makes it better or worse.

The first expense that you will have is getting to your hotel from McCarran you have four options cab $15 – $30(depending on hotel and time of day), shuttle bus $12-$15 (return), public bus $2.50 or Limo approx $60. How to get from the airport to the Strip

When you get to the hotel if you have bags that you will check you should allow $5 per bag for a tip for the bellboy, at the same time it is worth putting a few dollars away for the maid they do a good job and often get forgotten we generally tip the maid $3 per day or $5 if we want extra shampoos etc to take home for Christmas presents 🙂 How much to Tip in Las Vegas

We generally take in a show every two or three nights when we are in Las Vegas we book one absolute cannot miss show before we leave home so this would not come out of our budget all the others we buy from the half price booths and we have paid as little as $15 for a magic show and about $125 for a Cirque show. I think that if you budget $75 for a show that as long as you are prepared to be flexible you should be able to find something that you like. If you want to book direct with the hotel when you are out there shows vary in price depending on show and seats and day of the week etc from about $40 to several hundred dollars.

Dining in Las Vegas is something where you can get buy on say $15 a day but you can also pay $10 for a coffee so what you spend is really up to you. We tend to either have a very small breakfast just coffee and a danish then coffee shop or deli lunch and proper meal in the evening or large or buffet breakfast a snack at lunchtime and then decent dinner. Excalibur and Luxor have 24 hour buffet deals for $24.99 and then $29.99 respectively and this is probably the cheapest way to stay full in Las Vegas though not the best. We generally allow $10 for coffee and danish, $15 for deli or coffee shop lunch and then the evening can be anything from a $20 buffet to a $200 fine dining meal at Eiffel. Food prices change between hotels we were surprised to find that staying at Wynn we spent a lot more money than say at MGM Grand as everything costs more.

Drinks are free when you are gambling (subject to tipping) but if not the prices vary greatly from one casino to another and how you get them ! Casino Royale has the cheapest beer with Michelob $1 all day every day at their bars generally though expect to pay $8 for a beer and $12 for a shot and mixer in a casino bar. Following the rules in the link below will ensure that you maximise your free drinks at the same time don’t piss off the cocktail waitresses.. FREE DRINKS IN LAS VEGAS

Like everything else in Vegas you and gamble as little or as much as you like there are slots from 1c and tables from $5 up slots at $1k per spin and tables with minimums of $5k per hand. Please  remember that most machines are multi lines and to get any return you need to play multiple lines and you should expect a minimum for 25c per spin on a 1c machine Unless you have a few good wins to start with as a rule of thumb you will spend at least twice what you think that you will on slots. $5 tables now are few and far between in the major resorts but Tropicana and believe it or not Bellagio have $5 BJ tables open 24/7 but generally speaking the more upmarket the hotel the less likely you are to find low limit tables. I have had days when I have stared with $40 and it has lasted me all day and I have even left with a profit and had other days where I have dropped $200 in 20 minutes. You can get comps on your play but never ever play for comps take them as nice bonus but don’t expect or try to play just to get a comp.

So roughly here is what I would allow as spending money for a 3 night trip Las Vegas

Taxi to and from airport $40
Tips for bellboy and maid $20 (plus $20 Upgrade trick)
Show with drink $80
Food* $250
Drinks (above free ones) $80
Gaming $300 – $1000
Misc $75

1 x Luxor 24 hour buffet deal $35
2 x coffee and danish breakfasts $20
1 x med quality dinner $100
1 x good buffet dinner $40
snacks and sodas $55

Please note this is a very rough idea and you really spend as little or as much as you like in Las Vegas,

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Las Vegas 24 Hour Buffet passes and Vegas Buffet Deals

Shrimp at Las Vegas Buffet

One of the things that I love about Las Vegas is the Buffets they are great OK you are best to avoid the real cheap ones as they are well real cheap !! For what is a small amount of money you get the choice of loads of different types of food and you can pick the bits you really like and avoid the stuff that you don’t which usually happens to be the healthy stuff. If you want to eat a tiny main and stacks of deserts you have it, if you want plate of starters as your main you’ve got it.  It works well when dining in a group and you all like different things each person can choose what they want without the usual arguments about the type of place you go to eat, you go to the buffet and each choose the type of food that you like.

In Vegas you kiss goodbye to your body clock when you get off the plane and buffet dining helps you with this as there are generally all types of foods at all open times buffets work better for me in Vegas than anywhere else I the World. The only problem that you have is that the decent buffets have long lines and you can wait up to an hour (more so at Wynn) to get a table.

My favourite buffet is Mandalay Bay this is because of the food and the setting it is just really nice, I like the Mirage and Bellagio buffets for the sheer quality of the food  and that the breakfast buffet at Excalibur whilst never the best is one of the best value. As a general rule the quality of the hotel will determine the quality of the buffet the worst I have eaten at is Palace Station followed closely Tropicana and I would not eat the Circus Circus or Imperial Palace buffets if budget allowed me to eat elsewhere.

Anyway Harrah’s Entertainment are offering a “buffet of buffets” pass for $44.99 this gives you 24 hour access to 7 buffets, Caesars Palace: Lago Buffet; Flamingo: Paradise Garden Buffet; Harrah’s Las Vegas: Flavors; Imperial Palace: Emperor’s Buffet; Paris: Le Village Buffet; Planet Hollywood: Spice Market Buffet; and, Rio: Carnival World Buffet. This is a brilliant deal if you think that the dinner buffet at Paris for instance is $27.99 and if you time it right you can get two dinners, a breakfast and a lunch which could cost up to $93 ! If you want a cheaper 24 hour pass look at Excalibur from $24.99 or Luxor from $29.99

“No craving stands a chance with a “Buffet of Buffets” all-access pass. It’s good all day at seven different buffets for only $44.99*. Fuel up for the morning with a made-to-order omlet, satisfy your afternoon appetite with some sushi and seafood, or just enjoy every meal throughout the day at a different spot. Simply walk up to any participating buffet and ask for the “Buffet of Buffets” pass. You’ll receive your credential which is good for 24 hours from the time of purchase. Then dig in!”

Luxor Buffet offer; all you can eat buffet passes from $29.99 for Adults and have the option of adding unlimited wine and beer for $10

MGM 2-4-1 –Buffet Deal; There is a deal at present at MGM where you can get 2 4 1 for a buffet when booking a room

Excalibur  have a 24 hour Buffet pass from $24.99

Circus Circus offer 2 free buffets with a stay of 2 nights or longer also includes $150 of dining, entertainment and retail vouchers

Youc an of course still try to get the best buffet in town for free read how to do it here !



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Cotto -v- Margarito MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas Card

Two fights are confirmed as being on the undercard of Cotto -v- Margarito WBA Welterweight title at the MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas NV on the 26th July 2008. WBO Super flyweight belt Held by Fernando Montiel with an opponent yet to be named and a 10 round non title fight at Super Bantamweight again with the opponent yet to be named.

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Saturday 26 July 2008
MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
commission: Nevada Athletic Commission
promoter: Bob Arum : Top Rank
matchmaker: Brad Goodman
television: HBO
12 welterweight Miguel Angel Cotto 32(26)0(0)0
SC Antonio Margarito 36(26)5(0)0
~ WBA welterweight title ~
bout subject to commission approval / change
12 super flyweight Fernando Montiel 37(28)2(0)1
SC 1 (0)0 (0)0
~ WBO super flyweight title ~
bout subject to commission approval / change
10 Bernabe Concepcion 25(14)1(0)1
SC ?

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Day Trips from Las Vegas, including the Grand Canyon and Death Valley

Leaving the excitement of the MGM Grand, Excalibur, Bellagio and Mirage etc is not always easy but sometimes it’s good to take a break from the Strip for a day or even just a few hours to get out and about and see some natural beauty. There are many places that are worth vesting easily within a day’s reach of Vegas and I have listed a few below. This is not meant to be an in depth guide the links to the parks will give you far more information than I could but hopefully this post may help you plan. Have a great trip – Simon

Red Rock CanyonRED ROCK CANYON: Its about 20 miles west of Las Vegas out Charleston Blvd (you can pick up that street at the north end of the Strip) It’s a scenic drive-through park. Go early, not in the heat of the day; there’s no shade. The canyon did not have as much as we were hoping and apart from one main Red rock feature there was very little to make us want to go back. However one of my friends lives near by and says that if you leave the car in the car park and hike within an hour its spectacular, there us a an admission charge of $10, we did not pay as it was free on Christmas Day when we visited.

Hoover Dam HOOVER DAM:
Drive about 30 miles southeast of Vegas and go to Hoover Dam; the National Park Service offers tours there (@ $15.), though you can just park in the car park and walk over the Dam. Just before you get to the Dam there is a Casino called the Hacienda this offers great value food and is just the place for breakfast if you have left Vegas early, you can also take helicopter rides here over the Dam and Lake Mead. Go on past Hoover Dam to Boulder City and then to Lake Meade for a swim and/or to visit the new casino there. Also, there are tour companies that will take you on a cruise of the river below Hoover Dam.

Valley fo FireVALLEY OF FIRE STATE PARK: Drive about 35 miles north of Vegas on I-15 and go to Valley of Fire State Park, another scenic park area. This is my favorite NP within easy reach of Vegas it’s really nice and well worth the trip. When you are here you may see a wedding as many couples get married here but only in the morning as it gets very hot in the day. The landscape is like nothing else you will see on earth and you easily be mistaken for thinking that you are on another planet. The $6 entrance fee represents amazing value.

ZION NATION PARK: It’s a long drive to Zion (about 2-3 hours), but you can drive North on I-15 to Zion National Park and back in one day. It is worth the trip and the $25 per car admission, this like most other National Parks is valid for 7 days.

If you like to visit National Parks, drive about an hour and a half south of Vegas on I-15 and take RT-127 to Death Valley National Park (total drive may be a good 3 hrs each way). Death Valley is hasDeath Valley the lowest point in the United States which is also the hottest place on the planet. It’s the place where in the summer you can fry eggs on the rocks, you will see mirages and is home to some of the most deadly creatures on the planet. You need to take lots of water with you something like 2 gallons each incase you break down and you need to check that your car rental company will allow you to drive there.

Grand CanyonGRAND CANYON: The drive to the Grand Canyon is 5 long hard hours on mostly two lane roads with trucks and campers (only a short way on I-40). You can drive there and back in one day if you leave early morning, like 6:00-7:00 AM. That will put you there about noon and you will have 4 or 5 hrs before starting back and getting back to Vegas about 11:00PM. Its worth considering staying overnight at the Grand Canyon not only to break the journey but also to allow you to see the Canyon at the two best times of the day sunset and sunrise this is a lifetime experience and is worth the investment in both time and money. If you are going to stay over try and stay in the park it will cost less than you think. The park has a $25 entrance fee per car.

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Gaming Hall of Fame to add Don King and Emeril Lagasse

Don KingOfficials with the American Gaming Association say boxing promoter Don King and celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse will be inducted into the Gaming Hall of Fame later this year.

Other inductees include Bernard Goldstein, who opened the nation’s first riverboat casino in 1991, and Robert (Bob) Arum, a boxing promoter tied to some of the biggest fights in history. Arum
promoted 25 bouts for Muhammad Ali and has also promoted George Foreman, Oscar De La Hoya and Joe Frazier.

Association officials said in a release that King — who has presented more than 500 world championship fights — helped make Las Vegas and Atlantic City two of the most visited places in the world.

Lagasse owns four restaurants located in casinos, three in Las Vegas and one in Gulfport, Miss.

The four were to be honored by the industry group at a dinner in Las Vegas in September.

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How to get the best Vegas Buffet for free at Wynn, Las Vegas

There are some good really good buffets on the Strip Bellagio is amazing, Cravings at Mirage is stunning and probably represents the best value, Mandalay Bay is home to my personal favorite, but the Las Vegas buffet crown now goes to Wynn and best of all with a little cunning you can sample this for free.

Wynn, Las Vegas1. Sign up for the Red Card and you get $10 in free play, if you give them an email address you will get an additional $5
2. Check how many points are needed for the buffet it’s normally it’s 25 points
3. Go to a video roulette machine
4. Put $40 in the machine and activate your free play.
4. Bet $18 on black, $18 on red, and $1 on 0 and $1 on 00
5. Repeat step 4 six more times.
6. You should lose $2 per spin for all 7 spins, and will have $41 left in the machine, if 0 or 00 come in you will lose $4 but this is unikley to come in more than once. Cash out and head to the players club to activate your buffet

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Tickets for Cotto -V- Margarito at MGM Grand Arena on Sale Thursday 22nd May

LAS VEGAS, NEV (May 19, 2008) – The Battle is on! Welterweight superpowers MIGUEL COTTO and ANTONIO MARGARITO square-off in a compelling and eagerly-awaited world title fight to determine the division’s top dog and arguably boxing’s No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter. “The Battle!” / “La Batalla!” — the pay-per-view extravaganza — headlined by the Cotto vs. Margarito world welterweight championship, will take place Saturday, July 26, at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Promoted by Top Rank, the fight will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View, beginning at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT..

Tickets, priced at $700, $500, $400, $300, $200 and $100, go on sale This Thursday! May 22, at 10 a.m. PT. They can be purchased at the MGM Grand Garden Arena box office and at all Las Vegas Ticketmaster locations (select Smith’s Food and Drug Centers, Macy’s West at the Fashion Show Mall, and Ritmo Latino.) Ticket sales are limited to eight (8) per person. To charge by phone with a major credit card, call Ticketmaster at (702) 474-4000 or MGM Grand at (800) 929-1111. Tickets are also available for purchase at or

This marks the first time Cotto has fought in Las Vegas since 2004 where he knocked out Randall Bailey in the sixth round, en route to successfully defending his WBO junior welterweight for the first time.

“I am thrilled to finally be fighting Antonio Margarito, in the biggest fight of my career, in Las Vegas, the fight capital of the world,” said Cotto. “I am a fighting champion, which means not only staying active, but staying active against the best fighters man enough to stand up to me. Like Shane Mosley and Zab Judah before him, Antonio Margarito represents the biggest challenge of my career. And like Mosley and Judah, Margarito will leave the ring second best. I can’t wait to get to him.”

Margarito returns to Las Vegas for the first time in more than two years where he knocked out Manuel Gomez in the first round in defense of his WBO welterweight belt during his first title reign.

“I have wanted this fight against Cotto for so long,” said Margarito. “I am going to make that ring a pressure cooker for him. I will be in one gear for our fight – forward. I will wear him down, break him down and knock him out. July 26 can’t come fast enough for me.”

Promoter Bob Arum believes this fight will be a big one and stated, “Cotto vs. Margarito is such a compelling fight because both champions bring so many powerful assets into it. They are both in their prime, at the top of their game, and they are fighting with so much at stake professionally and personally. Every fight they have fought has been a buildup to this exciting showdown and soon we will find out which one is the world’s best welterweight. This is more than just a world title fight. It’s a mandate.”

Mark Taffet of HBO PPV agreed saying, “Cotto-Margarito is a premier matchup between two of the best and toughest welterweights in the world today. It’s the type of head-to-head, toe-to-toe championship battle that fight fans love.”

President of Sports & Entertainment for MGM MIRAGE, Richard Sturm, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Top Rank on this championship fight. I can’t think of a better way to heat up the summer than by watching the war between these two great champions at MGM GRAND in July.”

Cotto (32-0, 26 KOs), from Caguas, Puerto Rico, a two-division world champion, won the WBO junior welterweight championship in September 2004, knocking out undefeated contender Kelson Pinto for the vacant title. He successfully defended the belt six times during his two-year reign, before vacating it to challenge undefeated contender Carlos Quintana. He stopped him in the fifth round to capture the WBA welterweight crown in December 2006. Cotto has successfully defended it four times, going the distance only once.

Margarito (36-5, 26 KOs), from Tijuana, Mexico, is a two-time welterweight champion. He knocked out Antonio Diaz in the 10th round to capture the vacant WBO title in March 2002. He successfully defended it seven times during his five-year reign before losing it to Paul Williams in July 2007 via a close 12-round decision. He captured the IBF title in his most recent fight on April 12, knocking out defending champion Kermit Cintron in the sixth round.

The Cotto vs. Margarito pay-per-view telecast, beginning at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT, has a suggested retail price of $49.95, will be produced and distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View and will be available to more than 71 million pay-per-view homes. The telecast will be available in HD-TV for those viewers who can receive HD. HBO Pay-Per-View is the leading supplier of event programming to the pay-per-view industry. For Cotto vs. Margarito fight week updates, log on to

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MGM Grand in Vegas to host fight o the year Cotto -V- Margarito

Migel CottoWelterweight titleholder Miguel Cotto will face Antonio Margarito on July 26 in an HBO PPV bout at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas now that both have signed for the much-anticipated fight, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum told on Thursday.

“I get really excited about a fight like this because I know it can’t be anything but great,” Arum said. “That’s why we’re calling it ‘The Battle.’ It’s a tough-ass fight. Two real men fighting. There won’t be any playing around. No ducking or dodging. These are two guys who will go at it. That is their style. And don’t forget the element that it is Mexico vs. Puerto Rico, which is the great rivalry in boxing.”

The fight matching two of boxing’s most exciting fighters has been on track since April 12, when they both knocked out opponents on the same card.

Cotto (32-0, 26 KOs), of Puerto Rico, stopped “Contender” star Alfonso Gomez in the fifth round to retain his 147-pound belt for the fourth time and Margarito blew out Kermit Cintron via sixth-round knockout in a rematch.

“These guys both have great chins, great determination and great power,” Arum said. “It’s going to be some battle. I just hope that they are not ruined from a fight like this.”

Mexico’s Margarito (36-5, 26 KOs) won a world title from Cintron, but he will relinquish it in order to face Cotto rather than fight Joshua Clottey in a far less lucrative mandatory match. Arum said Margarito would officially renounce his title “within the next week.”

Before Margarito, 30, defeated Cintron, he had already agreed to terms for the Cotto fight as long as they both won on April 12, Arum said. Cotto, 27, was also committed to the fight, but did not sign until Wednesday night, Arum said.

“Margarito signed off before his fight with Cintron,” Arum said. “Cotto wanted the fight but we were going over terms and minutia, and finally Miguel and his team agreed on everything last night.”

Arum would not divulge their purses, which will eventually be public when the contracts are filed with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. However, Arum said each would receive “by far the biggest purse they have ever gotten.” Besides the purse, each fighter will receive a percentage of the profits from the pay-per-view revenue.

Cotto’s biggest purse was $3.2 million for his November victory against Shane Mosley. Margarito earned a $1.2 million purse when he lost a version of the title to Paul Williams last summer.

The fight will officially be announced during a four-city media blitz next week. They’ll kick off the promotion with a news conference Monday in Mexico City followed by a stop Tuesday in Los Angeles, Thursday in New York and Friday in San Juan.

The fight will mark Cotto’s first bout in Las Vegas since he knocked out Randall Bailey in a junior welterweight title defense on the December 2004 undercard of the Vitali Klitschko-Danny Williams heavyweight fight.

Since then, Cotto has fought either in Puerto Rico, New York or Atlantic City, N.J. Arum said he felt it was important to establish Cotto on the West Coast, where Margarito has a following.

“Based on Cotto’s fights with Zab Judah and Mosley, he has established a good East Coast base on pay-per-view,” Arum said. “We felt his base would be loyal and we needed a big West Coast presence. We think the great Mexican fans will come out for Margarito, so it made sense to do the fight in the West rather than the East. We couldn’t do it in Las Vegas until they changed the rule on the gloves.”

A few weeks ago, the Nevada commission amended its rule on glove size. It had in place a provisional rule that mandated welterweights wear 10-ounce gloves rather than the traditional 8-ounce gloves worn in virtually every other jurisdiction in the world. Cotto and Margarito both prefer the 8-ounce gloves and Arum refused to put the fight on in Nevada until the temporary rule, which was up for review, was changed.

Arum said he has not set the undercard yet but said he wanted to include rising junior welterweight contender Mike Alvarado on the card.

“Alvarado is one guy I really want on the card in a good fight,” Arum said. “After that, we’re open. I’ll be discussing it with my matchmakers.”

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