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Caesars Palace, Las Vegas – My Review

3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas

NV 89109

+1 (702) 731 7110

Location Between Bellagio and Mirage Dead centre Strip; this is the marker for other casino’s location. The only problem is that when Caesars was built no one walked on the Strip; all travel was done by car. As a result the casino entrance is about 500 yards back from the Strip. Don’t worry though the good folks at Caesars have put in a series of moving walkways to get you to their machines quicker.

Theme It’s Rome, ancient Rome from the spectacular fountains, delightful statues and cypress trees that you pass on your way to the casino to the toga costumes the staff wear. This certainly is ancient Rome with electricity and air conditioning. It is a very Grand Rome with loads of marble and gold, everything that can be gold and glittery is gold and glittery. The theme like most of Vegas is completely over the top; but in the best possible way. If there was a casino themed on Las Vegas, Caesars would be it. Las Vegas at its best.

Attractions Well there are the wonderful, if slightly dated magical statues in the Forum shops these are robotic statues that come alive with the aid of smoke and lights and act out Roman and mystical type tales; free and great for the kids. The race for Atlantis IMAX 3d simulation ride, the Omnimax movie theatre where the film actually seems to surround you and several amusements arcades. To be fair the whole of the forum shops could be counted as an attraction with plenty to see

Shopping The Forum shops at Caesars is the best casino shopping mall on the Strip. Re-creations of Michelangelo’s David and a copy of the Tivoli fountain compliment the great range of shops; the whole shopping experience here is great. Shops include many usual US high street stores such as Nike Town, Macys, and FA Schwarz but also designer labels such as DKNY, Hugo Boss and Vasari. It must be good, as the average retail turnover per square foot in the US is $300 per annum whereas the Forum shops take $1200.

Dining La Piazza Food Court is my favourite on the Strip; you enter together, you chose your different food (Pizza, Salads, Hot Dogs, Chinese etc) get your drinks together and pay together. No queuing up separately just because one of you wants Pasta and the other Chinese. The seating area is lovely, on the edge of the casino allowing you to see the action, sort of inside the branches of a big tree. There is a very small buffet with very long queues and quite high prices (B$15.50 L$17.50 D$23.50, Sunday Brunch $23.50 or $33.50 with champagne) which I have not tried. There are several other high quality restaurants including Hyakumi – Japanese, Bacchanal – a six course Roman feast and Café Roma the 24hr coffee shop. General reports of food at these restaurants are good .

Gaming Caesars has 118,000 sq ft of gaming space containing over 2000 slot and video machines, over 70 tables and 13 roulette wheels. Surprisingly there is a very good range of nickel machines here, table limits can be a low $5 minimum but this is only ever one or two tables and only when trade is slow. The layout of the casino is very odd; it seems bitty; like some bits were added on rather as a second thought. Parts of the casino are very dark and others very light. The way in which the floors are arranged makes you very disorientated. I am not sure if this is deliberate or not, but this, along with the expedition back to the Strip does seem to make you stay longer than planned.

Drinks Service I found the drink service to be quite good, although I think that depends on where you sit as there are many nooks and crannies which probably do not receive such good service. I always make sure that any cocktail waitress who passes within 20 foot of me knows I want a drink and this obviously helps a great deal.

Best Thing Just the whole over the top “we have got it and boy are we going to flaunt it” atmosphere.

Worst Thing The distance to the entrance from the Strip and the that Ceasres is confusing easy to get lost and has human traffic jams.

Overall If you ask anyone to name a casino (with possibly the exception of Bob Stupak and Steve Wynn) they will say Caesars Palace. Caesars is Vegas and Vegas is Caesars. You get a chance to see “whales” (high rollers) at play and yet still feel like you are a million dollars putting your nickels into the slots. If you are in Vegas and you can only go to one casino, this has to be it. You will not be disappointed. However be aware there is a large expansion program on at Caesars at the time of writing.

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How to get the best room rate in Las Vegas

No one likes to pay over the odds and I never pay more for I have to for anything and this includes my room in Vegas. Sure you sometimes I have to pay more for a room that others but it is still important for me to make sure that I still pay the lowest rate possible.

There are two ways to reduce the amount that you pay, “when you stay” and “how you book” to get the very best rate you need to combine the two. Whilst it is not always possible to have control over when you go it is still possible to make huge savings by being smart how you book.

When you stay
We all know that the time of year can change the cost of your room wherever you stay but in Las Vegas this is magnified a room one night can cost $50 and the next night $350 this was the case for us at MGM Grand in September 2007. I do not know of anywhere else in the World where rates can change as much as the do in Las Vegas.

Friday and Saturday nights
in Las Vegas are the most expensive of the week, in some cases a Friday or Saturday night can cost the same as the rest if the week combined. If you can avoid staying over the weekend do so, this could mean getting out of town for a weekend (we often go to the Grand canyon for a night) or get a cheaper hotel for the weekend we have stayed downtown and off strip just for the weekend.

Check what is on, although there are over 100,000 rooms in Vegas on a busy conference week they can fill up and this affects the price hugely, check what conferences, events and concerts are on when you plan to visit, if you don’t want to se what is on then it is bet to reschedule if you can.

Holidays, Las Vegas if a holiday town and this is when it is at its busiest as a result this is when room rates really go through the roof so if you can avoid being in Vegas over a holiday you will save money.

Time of year, the two weeks before Xmas are the slowest and cheapest of the year and New Years Eve the most expensive night of the year. In July and August rates drop because of the heat, May June and October can be expensive as this is when the weather is good but not the crazy heat that you have in July and August.

How to book
You can not only save a load of money by the way in which you book you can also get extras free food, drinks, entertainment and even return airfares or free nights.

Book direct with the hotel this is probably the most important thing to do, if you book direct you are usually guaranteed to get the best price, by booking direct unless you book a non refundable rate (this will be clear when you book) if the rate drops after you have booked you contact the hotel and they will drop your rate to match this, of course if the rate goes up you will still only pay the rate that you have booked at. We once paid $45 per room per night for Luxor the same room was being advertised at £110 ($150) per night in a brochure.  By booking direct you only pay the first night as a deposit and this is fully refundable if you cancel or change your booking up to 72 hours before check in.

Use a code to book but check that the link takes you directly to the hotels website, these not only give you great rates but loads of extras see here for the best codes online. Look here for some of the best rates available

If you see a deal you like and a rate you are happy with book it straight away as rates change regularly and good deals are often pulled with no notice, as long as you don’t book a non refundable deal you can always cancel later on if something better comes along.  Don’t assume that the rate you see this morning will still be there tomorrow or even later today !!

Use the discounts that still allow you book directly with the hotel, if you see a deal that asks you to pay the entire stay up front 9 times out of 10 it is not directly with the hotel (only exclusion  is a non refundable offer) and therefore you don’t get the advantages of booking direct . There are only so many rooms available on each deal and when that number has been hit the deal will be pulled so book when you see a rate you are happy with.

Keep checking the hotel’s website to see if the rate drops if it does get in touch with the
Hotel and get them to drop your rate.

Book early, Unlike most other places you may visit booking late is not the way to get a good deal booking as early as possible is key, as I have explained you can always cancel if your plans change or you see a better deal later or get the hotel to drop your rate.

As long as you have booked direct then you should be able to have any comps deducted off of your room stay. Its easier to get somemoney back this way than you may think, you generically will not get much if anything off for low denomination slot play but table games and poker just ask to be rated. Last time I was at MGM Grand 4 hours of poker on the $1/2 table got me $40 off of my room bill. You need to go to the players club booth say the night before checkout and ask what you are entitled to and they will adjust your bill there and then. One tip if you plan to use some comp against your room its far better if they see action off of you each day, make sure something happens on your card even if you stick it in a slot and just play $10 this will work for you getting comps. If you have not booked direct no Casino can comp any of your room charges. If you book direct also try the $20 trick !!

For the Very best direct Las Vegas hotel rates click here


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Las Vegas Hotel Discount codes, MGM Grand, NYNY, Luxor plus more


Many of the offers on some of my older posts are out of date so I have decided to replace all of them with in date offers listed below, all of these offers are available for everyone they are booked directly with the hotel’s giving you not only cast iron security but also the best possible rate as the middleman is cut out, unless stated on the booking page all are 100% changeable and refundable with no penalty and you only pay the first night as a deposit upfront. These are all the very best deals that can be found anywhere on the internet. All updated offers are also posted here and this is regually updated

Have fun – Simon

MGM Grand Summer Splash from $69
* $35 Dining credit
* 2 for 1 Grand Spa passes
* 2 complimentary MGM Grand poolside cocktails
* $25 Free slot play
Promotion Runs April 17, 2009 – October 10, 2009
Offer Expires October 10, 2009

 MGM Grand NFR Exclusive! from $70
Eat all day pass for 2 at MGM Grand Buffet
2 Free cocktails at any of the 4 main bars
Complimentary NFR program
Promotion Runs June 13, 2009 – December, 28 2010
Offer Expires December 28, 2010

MGM Grand Maximum Escape from $74
·$35 Activity Credit (per stay)
·2 Line passes to Studio 54 or Tabu
·25% off Spa Services
Promotion Runs April 11, 2009 – May

Mandalay bay All Inclusive Package from $99
The Everything under the Sun Package
Rates from $99 plus tax, per person, per night** (minimum double occupancy)
Unlimited drinks at the beach (domestic beer, wine and well)
Unlimited free dining
Promotion Runs June 16, 2009 – July 30, 2009
Offer Expires July 30, 2009

Mandalay Bay Summer Escape $99
Fly Back Free Certificate ($350 value)
$100 Cabana Credit**
$25 Sand Dollars (credit to be used at the beach)
Promotion Runs June 13, 2009 – September 10, 2009
Offer Expires September 10, 2009

Mirage Bonus Offer from $85
Enjoy a $50 Cravings Buffet Credit during your stay.
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – February 28, 2010
Offer Expires April 30, 2010

Mirage Website Offer from $77
Join us at The Mirage and enjoy discounted rates on our newly remodeled rooms.
Promotion Runs June 13, 2009 – April 30, 2010
Offer Expires April 30, 2010

Start the fun early and enjoy this spring and summer at Luxor!
$50 OFF Cabana Rental*
VIP Passes to LAX and Cathouse*
Two Minimum night stay required*
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – September 3, 2009
Offer Expires September 3, 2009

Luxor Luxury Getaway from $65
One $30.00 Food Dining Credit for Tender Steak and Seafood Restaurant*
One $20.00 Spa Credit for Nurture Spa services*
One 2 for 1 admission to Nurture Spa at Luxor*
$10.00 in Free Slot Play for New Player Club Members.*
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – February 28, 2010
Offer Expires February 26, 2010

Luxor All Inclusive Package $210 including weekends !!!!
All You Can Eat, All Day, Every Day at MORE, the Buffet*
(Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Champagne Brunch included)
Two tickets to CRISS ANGEL Believe™
Two tickets to Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition*
Two tickets to Bodies…The Exhibition*
Two Nurture Spa Day Passes*
Two VIP admissions to LAX (Wednesday through Saturday evenings)*
Two VIP admissions to CatHouse (Club closed on Tuesday evenings)*
Room check-in at VIP Lounge
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – December 31, 2009
Offer Expires December 26, 2009

Luxor Expect the Unexpected from $50
One $25.00 Food and Beverage Credit – valid for Pyramid Café,
MORE the Buffet at Luxor or Tender Steak and Seafood (based on availability)*
One $10.00 Beverage Credit – valid for use in Aurora, Flight, Liquidity or the Playbar*
One $25.00 Nurture Spa Credit towards any spa treatment*
$10.00 in Free Slot Play (for first time Players Club members only)*
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – February 28, 2010
Offer Expires February 25, 2010

Luxor Buy 2, Get 1 Free from $55
Stay 2 nights and get the 3rd night free on select dates in November, and December.
Promotion Runs November 22, 2009 – December 28, 2009
Offer Expires December 27, 2009

Luxor Golf Getaway from $50
On select dates enjoy the links and treat yourself to:
• Free Rental of Callaway Golf Clubs* ($50.00-$75.00 value)
• $25.00 off golf rack rate at the following golf courses:
Desert Pines and Royal Links*
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – February 28, 2010
Offer Expires February 28, 2010

Monte Carlo JUMPSTART JUNE from $50
Reserve a Deluxe room or a High Floor Deluxe room you will receive a $25 Food and Beverage Credit .
Reserve a Strip View Deluxe room you will receive a $50 Food and Beverage credit.
This offer is available for a limited time only, so book your reservations today.
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – July 2, 2009
Offer Expires June 30, 2009

Monte carlo VEGAS SUMMER ESCAPE from $55
2-for-1 Buffet at Monte Carlo
2-for-1 Il Fornaio Breakfast at NYNY
2-for-1 Drinks at BRAND Steakhouse inside Monte Carlo
2-for-1 ROK Vegas™ Nightclub Admission at NYNY
2-for-1 Roller Coaster passes at NYNY
2-for-1 Spa admission at Monte Carlo
2-for-1 Lance Burton tickets at Monte Carlo
35% off Zumanity™ tickets at NYNY
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – September 13, 2009
Offer Expires September 13, 200

NYNY Summer Escape from $55
Vegas Summer Escape. Two Hot Spots. One Cool Party.
2 for 1 Buffet at Monte Carlo
2 for 1 Breakfast at Il Fornaio at New York New York
2 for 1 Drinks at BRAND Steakhouse at Monte Carlo
2 for 1 ROK Admissions at New York New York
2 for 1 Roller Coaster at New York New York
35% off Zumanity tickets
2 for 1 Spa Admission at Monte Carlo
2 for 1 Lance Burton Tickets at Monte Carlo
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – September 13, 2009
Offer Expires September 13, 2009

NYNY $100 CITY PASS from $60 per night
Park Avenue Strip View Upgrade
2 Complimentary Welcome Cocktails
$25 Retail Credit
2 for 1 Complimentary Il Fornaio Breakfast
2 for 1 Complimentary Spa Admission
2 for 1 Complimentary Roller Coaster
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – August 31, 2009
Offer Expires December 29, 2009

Las Vegas Evening Tour for 2 for only $61.95 ($120 value)
Park Avenue Strip View Upgrade
2 Complimentary Welcome Cocktails
$25 Retail Credit
2 for 1 Complimentary Il Fornaio Breakfast
2 for 1 Complimentary Spa Admission
2 for 1 Complimentary Roller Coaster
Food: Includes a light snack
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – December 29, 2009
Offer Expires December 29, 2009

Upgrade from Skyline to a Spa Suite for only $50 additional per night.
Upgrade from Park Avenue to a Spa Suite for only $40 additional per night.
Upgrade from a Broadway to a Spa Suite for only $30 additional per night.
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – July 22, 2009
Offer Expires July 31, 2009

Park Avenue Strip View Upgrade
2 Complimentary Welcome Cocktails
$25 Retail Credit
2-for-1 Il Fornaio Breakfast
2-for-1 Spa Admission
2-for-1 Roller Coaster
Complimentary ROK Admission
Discount offers from Town Square
2 $10 Game Card Vouchers to ESPNZone
Royal Links Golf Club Offers.
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – December 27, 2009
Offer Expires December 30, 2009

EXCalibur OUR BEST RATES! from $36
Book our best rates and you will receive:
Promotion Runs June 13, 2009 – December 28, 2009
Offer Expires December 28, 2009

Excalibur Stay and Play from $40
Offer includes:
Promotion Runs June 13, 2009 – March 31, 2010
Offer Expires March 31, 2010

Excalibur Bachelorette Party!from $81
Promotion Runs June 13, 2009 – March 31, 2010
Offer Expires March 31, 2010

Excalibur Bachelor Party! from $81
Promotion Runs June 13, 2009 – March 31, 2010
Offer Expires March 31, 2010

Excalibur Family Package! from $54
2-FOR-1 tickets for Tournament of Kings dinner show
2-FOR-1 tickets to Adventuredome at Circus-Circus
2-FOR-1 tickets to our Magic Motion $-D movie ride
10 Free Play passes at the Fantasy Faire midway
20% Off on Bodies, the Exhibition at Luxor
20% off Titanic, the Exhibition at Luxor
Buy one, get the second admission for 50% to Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay
Additional guests in the same room stay free up to a maximum of four. **
Promotion Runs June 13, 2009 – March 31, 2010
Offer Expires March 31, 2010

MGM Signature Romance Package
Suites from $149.
half dozen chocolate covered strawberries
a bottle of champagne
omantic rose petal turn down service.
Promotion Runs February 21, 2009 – December 30, 2009
Offer Expires December 31, 2009

MGM Signature Spring Fling 2009
Suites from $129. Package
$50 credit at Walter’s Golf
$50 resort credit toward dining, entertainment, the spa or nightlife.
Promotion Runs June 16, 2009 – June 30, 2009
Offer Expires June 29, 2009

MGM Signature Stay 3 nights! from $129
Stay 3 nights at the Signature and receive $75 resort credit!
Promotion Runs February 21, 2009 – December 30, 2009
Offer Expires December 31, 2009

MGM Signature Stay 5 nights!
Stay 5 nights at the Signature and receive $150 resort credit!
Promotion Runs February 21, 2009 – December 30, 2009
Offer Expires December 31, 2009

MGM Signature Stay 7 nights!
Stay 7 nights at the Signature and receive $300 resort credit!
Promotion Runs February 21, 2009 – December 30, 2009
Offer Expires December 31, 2009

MGM Skylofts Exclusive
Daily Continental In Room Breakfast for 2
Daily complimentary gym access for 2
$100 Spa Credit per stay
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – September 30, 2009
Offer Expires September 30, 2009

Circus Circus  FAMILY FUN PACKAGE from $42
Book today and receive over $150 in savings
Adventuredome at Circus Circus buy 1 All Day Ride Pass get 1 free (up to 2 free passes) $49.90 value
Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay buy 1 get 1 50% off (up to 4 discount passes) $16.96 value
The Roller Coaster at New York New York buy 1 ride get 2nd ride free (up to 1 free ride) $28 value
Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at Mirage buy 1 get 1 free (up to 2 free passes) $30 value
Tournament of Kings at Excalibur buy 1 get 1 free (up to 2 free tickets)
Bodies at Luxor 20% off (up to 4 tickets) $24.80
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Luxor 20% off (up to 4 tickets) $$21.60
Book early, this offer is sure to sell out fast.
Quantities are limited.
Promotion Runs June 14, 2009 – September 10, 2009
Offer Expires September 9, 2009

Circus Circus BIGGER BIG TOP PROMO from $27
Receive up to 15% off our already discounted room rates.
This offer is valid in our Casino and Skyrise Tower buildings.
West Tower and weekend rates are slightly higher if available.
Promotion Runs June 15, 2009 – September 6, 2009
Offer Expires September 6, 2009

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Las Vegas Club News, with Hot Celebs first week of August 2008

Blonde bombshell Jaime Pressly takes a break from the set and heads to Las Vegas for a memorable birthday bash at LAX Nightclub at Luxor on Friday, August 1. The My Name is Earl starlet will toast to another year and party the night away inside Las Vegas’ elite nightspot as DJ Hollywood provides the soundtrack for the evening.

Actress and Reality Star to Host an Evening August 1
Hot Hollywood mom Tori Spelling will kick back and enjoy a night on the town as she hosts an evening inside Christian Audigier The Nightclub at Treasure Island on Friday, August 1. It will be a night not to miss as the always-stylish Spelling takes over the most fashionable nightspot in Sin City for an unforgettable bash as she celebrates the recent birth of her second child and her return as Donna Martin on the TV drama 90210

Hollywood Hottie to Hold Birthday Bash August 2

Christian Audigier The Nightclub at Treasure Island heats up as actress and birthday girl Charisma Carpenter hosts the hottest party on The Strip Saturday, August 2. The sexy sitcom star and Playboy beauty is sure to keep the crowd entertained as she celebrates her birthday at Sin City’s fashionable new nightspot.

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Hot News for Vegas Nightclubs July 2008

Blonde Bombshell Blows Out Her Candles at LAX July 5

LAX Nightclub is the place to be on Saturday, July 5 as actress, model and former Las Vegas showgirl Pamela Anderson embraces another year and celebrates her birthday at The Strip’s sexiest night spot. The former Baywatch babe will sparkle in the spotlight as DJ Casanova drops the beats and keeps club goers dancing all night at Las Vegas’ most decadent nightlife destination.


Designer Christian Audigier Celebrates Special Night with Guest DJ Nick Cannon and Celebrity Friends, July 4

Best new nioghtclub at TI Las Vegas Be one of the first to experience the most fashionable nightlife destination in Sin City at the highly anticipated grand opening of Christian Audigier The Nightclub at Treasure Island on Friday, July 4. Creative genius and fashion guru Christian Audigier will be on hand to celebrate the milestone evening along with Nick Cannon as guest DJ and a slue of their celebrity friends. It will be a night not to miss as Cannon works the turntables to rock the sexy soiree and Audigier keeps patrons partying all night long.

As allways if you want the best Nightclub experience in Vegas at the best prices consider using Nitetours

For the best Hotels allways book online allways book direct

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Darin Feth’s of Nitetours – Tips on Vegas nightlife

Studio 54Getting around
Cab lines ups are long and takes forever, you are better off paying a limo outside the front doors of the hotel. Most of these limo’s are looking for short trips and you can negotiate a classy ride for as low as $25 for a regular SUV or sedan that fits 4 people or a 10 passenger for only $45 total price.

If you prefer to drive, ALWAYS PARK IN VALET, unless it is a Saturday night or a Fight night in Vegas, then you are best to park in the parkade as valet will take you forever to get your car out.

How to save money and go drinking
So you want to go out and enjoy the nightlife, but first you want to “Pre-Sip”
before you hit the clubs. We all know the clubs and ultra lounges charge $12 to $18 per drink (the average person cannot afford that each night), so our Nite Tours secret is to go to the Island Bars in the Casino where they have the video poker. Put $20 into the machine and Tip $5 to the bartender as you receive your first drink. Tip him $5 every third drink and play max on the video poker, but take your time there is NO TIME LIMIT as to how long each hand on the video poker must be played and you can order drinks all night long. If you hit a few good hands you maybe up $$$ so when you cash out you get your $20 back and you tipped $20 for 10 “very Strong Drinks”…There you go, how to get drunk on $20…

Club Line Ups
If you ever see a well dressed guy on the other side of the ropes walk up to youLAX
while you are in line, and asks “Can I help you”? that is your opportunity to tiphim (palm the money) to get into a club. This is an excellent way to by pass long line ups, however you will tip $20 to $30 per person and you will still have to pay the $40 cover, but that sure beats a 2 hour wait to get into the clubs.

Most clubs are dead inside, but they start a line up outside the club. There is nothing you can do about it. A good trick is to get to the clubs early if you are all girls or a mixed couples you will get in. If you are all guys, you might as well pack a lunch, you will be in the line up all night long. Again get to the club early, they always let all the ladies in first. Nite Tours gets into the clubs first before anyone else, and all I see in the club is WOMEN, so if you are a single guy this is PERFECT for you. it is like shooting fish in a barrel, but later on in the evening the clubs change from 80% to 30% women so work your magic early

Best Vegas Rates here

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Latest and Greatest offers for hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

Monte Carlo “TZROCK PROMOTION” Rates from $69/nt (2 night min). Join us at the Monte Carlo for this special offer. *Plus, $25 dining credit-Redeemable at our Brew Pub, Cafe, or Buffet,$10 FREE PLAY, Food Court Coupons, and Upgrade to a Monaco Suite for an additional $35 per night Sunday-Thursday (*See site for additional details). There is a limited number of rooms available for this special offer. Apr 3 – Jul 31, 2008. Promo Code: TZROCK (Exp 4/11/08)

MGM Grand “Swing into Spring” Rates from $89/nt. *Plus, Two (2) Free Admissions to Studio 54, $35 Activity Credit (towards dining, spa/salon, or Crazy Horse Tickets), 25% off Tickets to KA by Cirque Du Soleil, * $50 Upgrade to Celebrity Spa Suite based upon availability at check in (*See site for additional details). Mar 29 – Jul 31, 2008 Promo Code: INB169 (Exp 4/17/08)

Excalibur “Spring Special” Rates from $56/nt (Sun-Thurs) & $116/nt (Fri & Sat). *Plus, 2 Steak dinners at Sherwood Forest Cafe (*See site for details). Apr 1 – June 30, 2008. Promo Code: XSP08 (Exp 4/9/08)

Monte Carlo “SPECIAL OFFER” Rates from $68/nt. *Offer is non-refundable and may not be cancelled, Two Night Minimum Stay, and Total payment for Room and Tax will be taken at the time of booking (*See site for additional details)Apr 3, – Jul 31, 2008. Promo Code: NO REFUND (Exp 7/31/08)

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Where Nite Life Begins…




Call Darin Feth Today at 702.877.6483 for more information!!!

Here is our new pricing for Nite Tours, the only company that has exclusive rights with all of the Vegas Clubs to bring you the BEST Priced Club Crawl that includes Quality, Service and Value in Las Vegas!!!

Each Nite Tours consists of the following:

· New 2008, 28 passenger Luxury Limousine bus or Limousine SUV with stripper Pole, TV’s surround sound, etc All night

· Unlimited champagne, beer, water in the limo as we travel from club to club

· VIP Access to all the clubs on the Tour Schedule (no line, cover is paid, by pass all lines)

· Quality Service VIP Host to get the party started and keep it going all night long

· Time permitting we will stop at Las Vegas Sign for pictures

· All Registration starts at 9:15PM at the Bellagio Hotel in the Caramel ultra lounge (2for1 drinks) then off to 3 night clubs

· YES we can customize a tour for your clients!!! And sometimes at NO Additional Charge!!!


VIP Club Crawl (mix of Women $69 and Men $79 per person)

This tour is great if you want to get out and meet other couples, singles or just want to party and get into Best clubs in Vegas.

Great for: Bachelorette, Bachelor, Jack & Jill Parties, Anniversaries, Tourists, Convention Groups, Divorce Parties or just a night out with friends or on your own. No minimums Nite Tours accept 1 person up to 100 people per tour.

Clubs that Nite Tours rotate on this tour:

Caramel, Revolution, Polyesters, The Bank, Voodoo, Risqué, The MIX, RAIN, Playboy, Moon, 40 Deuce, Rum Jungle, Cherry at Red Rock, Tabu,

VIP Sample Club Crawl:

9:15PM Registration at Caramel Lounge (2for1 drinks), Board limo for champagne toast and Pictures at Las Vegas Sign, arrive JET, back in limo for beverages arrive Voodoo, Then finish the night at RAIN night club at the Palms.

Ladies Nite Out All women ONLY $69 per lady

This is the number one tour in Vegas for Bachelorette parties, Sorority reunions, Divorce Parties, Women’s Conferences, or just a ladies nite out with friends. Visit the best clubs in the city with all VIP Access, limousine transportation, VIP Host, All you can drink as we travel from club to club, games, prizes and a GREAT BONDING NIGHT OUT…this is great for ladies who don’t want to be hit on all night long, great for private bachelorette parties, SAFE and organized,

Clubs that Nite Tours rotates on this tour

The Bank, LAX, PURE, TRYST, Voodoo, Playboy, Moon, RAIN, Ghost Bar, The MIX, Caramel, Cherry, Tabu, Previ,

Sample Ladies Nite Out Tour:

9:15PM Register at Caramel lounge for 2for1 drinks, Board Limo champagne toast and pictures at Las Vegas Sign, arrive Tryst, board limo for more beverages and games, arrive LAX, finish at Playboy/Moon at the Palms.

Bachelor& Bachelorette Parties or as we call it Jack & Jill Party

Jack & Jill Parties is where the Bride and Groom want to celebrate their party together. We can Start with taking the ladies to an ultra lounge or to a Male Review Show and the men to a Gentleman’s Club, and then bring both groups together to dance the night away at two top Vegas Night Clubs!

We can also just take the groups to 3 hot clubs as per our VIP Club Crawl….Prices start at $69 for Ladies and $79 for men…Male Review show add $50 per lady.

Sample Jack & Jill Tour:

9:15PM Arrive Caramel for 2for1 drinks, Board limo for champagne toast with picture at Las Vegas Sign, then the Ladies dropped off at Chippendale show, Men dropped off at Scores Gentleman’s club. Limo picks up both groups 1.5 hours later for free beverages as we whisk both groups to Voodoo to dance on the rooftop patio, then off to RAIN at the Palms to finish the night!

The Ultimate Bachelor Party $89 per person

Nite Tours will start at an ultra lounge for 2for1 drinks (bonding time). We will then take the guys out for the complete Gentleman’s Club Review. We will then Finish up at a night club to dance the night away.

Gentleman’s clubs you choose: Scores, Treasures, Penthouse, Seamless, and others

Night clubs: RAIN, VOODOO, The MIX, 40 Deuce, Rum Jungle, Risque,

Premium clubs will be additional cost of $49 per person to such clubs as Tryst, LAX, PURE, Previ, and others…

Sample Tour for Bachelor Party:

9:15PM Arrive Caramel for 2for1 drinks, board limo and enjoy free beer and champagne, picture at Las Vegas Sign, arrive Scores Gentleman’s club, board limo for more free beverages, arrive Seamless Gentleman’s Club, board limo for more free beverages and arrive Voodoo Lounge. Or for an additional charge TRYST, PURE, LAX, (based on club availability)

Bottle Service price is only $79 per person (minimum 6 people)

Have Nite Tours pick you up at your hotel in our luxury 24 passenger SUV Limousine or Limousine Bus. Start with a glass of champagne in the limo as we whisk you over to the Las Vegas sign for a quick picture, then to the ultimate Ultra lounge The MIX 64 floors above the strip for a beverage (breathtaking views), then to your choice of bottle service at any club in the city with complete VIP Access, VIP Hosts meeting you at your hotel and taking care of your every need, you are truly treated like Royalty!

Package Includes:

Limousine service, stop for photo (clients bring cameras), VIP Hostess, All beverages in limousine, no line and no cover to MIX, VIP Access to the clients choice of bottle service where a second VIP Host will take care of the clients requests. Bottle service is additional and all alcohol purchased in clubs is additional.

Clubs we work with: TAO, TRYST, PURE, LAX, PREVI, CatHouse, Rum Jungle, Studio 54, Caramel, The MIX, 40 Deuce, House of Blues, You name the club and Nite Tours works with them to bring you a great experience in Bottle Service!!!

Sample Bottle Service Tour:

Limousine arrives at your hotel, you are greeted by our Nite Tours VIP Hostess, Board Limo for Champagne Toast and pictures at Las Vegas sign, arrive The Mix 64th floor above The Hotel, then back in limo for more champagne/beer as we take you to Tryst, another VIP Hostess will greet you and take you to your table with VIP Access, table service will then be prepared with your choice of beverages for this evening. Nite Tours Hostess then excuses herself as everything is now perfect, second hostess will accommodate what you need for the rest of the evening. Credit card and ID will be asked for upon ordering bottle service, bottle discounts where applicable as all savings from Nite Tours is passed onto your client…example: 2 for 1 bottles, bottles as low as $200, etc…

Private and Custom Group Tours (call for pricing and creative ideas)

Nite Tours will customize any tour from 2 people up to 500 people. Nite Tours is very creative when putting together group packages. Please call for pricing quote, options.


Nite Tours new low pricing will increase your sales volume. As NO OTHER COMPANY can offer the Quality, Service and Value of Nite Tours in Las Vegas. We are paying a flat $10 per person booked through your company. Nite Tours also values client confidentiality and All Brokers are protected with Nite Tours Broker Protection Plan, if a client comes back to Nite Tours a second time (after you booked them the first time) and books directly with Nite Tours, you will get a commission for that second booking!!!

Do you know:

· Nite Tours was named as one of the top things to do in Las Vegas as per Los Angeles Times

· Nite Tours has offered over 3 Million people on our tours since 1990 focusing on Bachelorette packages and corporate/convention events.

· Nite Tours was mentioned as the Top 5 “To Do When in Vegas” on Trip Advisor

· Nite Tours supports our partners, anything you need please ask!!!

· Nite Tours is in talks for a new reality TV Show here in Vegas

· Nite Tours will be launching the new Ghost Hunt VERY Soon…Stay tuned…

· Nite Tours is expanding with new divisions in London England, New York, Boston and Chicago…we are also in talks for Dallas, Austin and Houston.

· All Nite Tours Limousines are completely done up to look and feel like an ultra lounge inside, very comfortable!

· Nite Tours is the best Value in Las Vegas as your clients will save a Ton of Money…This is better than any Line Pass Guaranteed!!!

· Nite Tours will try and customize a tour to your client’s needs and wants at no additional charge (pending request)

If you would like to experience Nite Tours products, please call us for a request form for you and your colleagues and join us for a Nite of FUN!!! It will give you a good understanding of what Nite Tours offers your clients. If you would also like a presentation, please call Darin Feth at our toll free number 702.877.6483 and I would love to meet with you and your colleagues to present my company to all of you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

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Stag night in Vegas

Simon, Hope you don’t mind contacting you, got your email from the DVD Forums onthe thread about Las Vegas and I’d like some advice. My brother just got engaged and i’m best man so need organise stag etc.Vegashas been suggested and most folk that would be going are reasonably wellpaid (Doctors, Bar owners etc) so they won’t mind the trip being a bitfurther afield and money wont be too much of a problem BUT i’d still like todo it as cost effectively as possible so everybody can go!  Now I was there last year and got a great deal with flights from London andstayed in Bellaggio for around £650, I was looking for somewhere lessspectacular to stay and flights from Glasgow if possible. Also would bebetter if we were in suites in a less well known hotel? Any help and advicewould be appreciated. We would be looking to go maybe March/April of next year which giveseveryone time to put cash aside etc Hope you can be of some help, All the best


  Hi **** It would be my pleasure to help in anyway I can I love Vegas and I lovehelping people sort it all out so if you need any help please ask as muchand as often as you like. At this moment in time with Max Jet going under there are only towcompanies that fly direct to Vegas from the UK Virgin Atlantic from Gatwick and BMIfrom Manchester, sadly if you are flying economy I would not recommendeither, Virgin give you no space and try to make up for it by giving yougood entertainment and OK food and BMI is just a cheap airline. I havestarted flying with United I have paid $350 per year and this gives you(and one person traveling with you) an upgrade to economy plus whichwhilst not true Premium economy it give you 5 extra inches of leg roomwhich is all I am concerned about. I try to fly via either LA or SanFrancisco as this means I spend longer in a more comftable plane and alsothat I have a seat back TV for the majority of the trip (need to make sureyou are in 777), you also clear customs in LAX or SFO which means when youget off the plane in Vegas you are in your hotel room 30 minutes later. My last three trips I have stayed at least part of the time in MGM Grand,now I don’t particully like MGM but it has lot of facilities, the roomsare very good but most of all they have great deals last trip was 4 nightsFri-Tue and I paid £200 ! AS soon as you start talking suites the costgoes up big time and to get a 1 bed suite will often cost more than twostandard rooms, the only strip properties I know with 2 bed suitesavailable to you and me are Bellagio and Mirage and both of these are farmore expensive than a couple of rooms. In MGM you can have two doubles anda rollaway bed if there are three of you. Luxor also offers good value andall of the building work will be finished by then, LAX and the Cathouseare two of the hottest places to go and they are on site there along withFantasy a classy topless show. If you want to go cheaper you could stay atExcalibur or Tropicana and if you want to go really cheap Imperial Palacebut I would draw my line at Excalibur. As far as booking the rooms goes ifyou book now the prices will go down but if you have booked and the pricesgo down you call the hotel up and get them to adjust your price or youcancel the booking and re book, as long as you book directly with thehotel (all of the links @ go directly to the hoteland give you this option. I will get discount dates from around Decemberfor your dates so if you book something when you are ready (ensuring youdon’t book a non cancellation rate, these rates show clearly on thewebsite that they you cant cancel them) and then email me around Decemberand I will see what codes I get in then. If you book through my websiteyou will not get a better rate and I get 2% commission I don’t make muchmoney on this but it keeps the site going, I would always help youregardless of which way you booked I would be over the moon if you bookedyour hotel via there, with the codes I get you will not find it cheaperanywhere else.    If you like clubbing you have to plan as just like another city groups ofmen are not what the clubs are after. You can do the split up thing or youcan order bottle service this is usual in Vegas and LA but not many otherplaces and it works like this; you order a bottle of spirits this will beserved to you at a table and you will get all the mixers with it. Its notcheap it’s from about $350 per bottle and you need a bottle for everythree guys. Its around $40 to get in to most clubs and also you will haveto queue  for ages even with “VIP” line passes that you can get I alwaysrecommend people go no my friend Darin’s Nitetours http://www.nitetours.comhewould mix your group with a hen night to get in to the clubs and alsoarrange visits to gentleman’s clubs if you want no queuing, no hasslegetting in and no extra costs and free unlimited beer and champagne Ithink his tours start at $69 or $79 drop him a line dfeth@nitetours.commention my name and he will help you out. There are plenty of other activities that are great for stag nights whenyou have sorted your numbers out drop me a line and I will give you somesuggestions. Hope this helps Simon PS apologies for spelling and grammar errors but it is very early

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Fire at Monte Carlo, Las Vegas

A fire has broken out at Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino which has led to the LAs Vegas Strip being closed below is the report from the BBC website.
Guests flee Las Vegas hotel fire Guests have been evacuated from a hotel and casino complex in the US city of Las Vegas after a fire broke out on the roof and top floor of the building.
Plumes of smoke billowed from the Monte Carlo hotel on the city’s main street, the Strip, but the blaze was quickly contained by firefighters.
The fire broke out at about 1100 (1900 GMT) but the flames were brought under control about an hour later.
No-one is reported to have been injured and the cause is not yet known.
Guests, including a bride in wedding dress, were relocated to nearby hotels.
Tim Szymanski from the Las Vegas Fire Department told the BBC the blaze appeared to be confined to the outside of the building:
“It’s a little difficult because… you don’t have fire ladders that can reach up to the 32nd floor, they can only go up to about the sixth or seventh floor. The fire appears to be on the exterior of the building, not on the inside,” he said.
He added that the building was fully equipped with automatic fire sprinklers.
‘Burning debris’
Local officials said the hotel’s top floor penthouse suites, traditionally used by the casino’s high rollers, seemed not to have been affected by the fire.
Clark County fire chief Steven Smith denied local media reports that there were people still trapped in the building.
“We will do a thorough look through the building to make sure everyone is accounted for,” he said, quoted by AFP news agency.
Larry Wappel, from Indiana, told AP news agency that he and his brother were in a room on the 30th floor when they heard hotel staff banging on doors and telling guests to evacuate.
He said it took about 10 minutes to walk down the stairs to get to the ground floor.
“There were a couple of ladies crying, but it was pretty calm,” he added.
Another guest, Renza Badilla, was on the main casino level when the fire alarms went off and said she exited through the hotel kitchen to find burning debris and embers falling from the roof.
The entire Las Vegas Strip was shut to traffic and neighbouring hotels also evacuated.
The 3,000-room Monte Carlo hotel and adjoining casino are owned by entertainment company MGM Mirage.
Modelled on the Place du Casino in Monaco, it was completed in 1996 costing more than $300m to build.
A fire at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Hotel in 1980 claimed more than 80 lives and injured nearly 700 people.

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