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$20 Upgrade Trick an Update, Las Vegas

Since I first published the $20 ugrade trick on my website I have had a quite a few emails from both people who have thanked me saying the $20 upgrade trick this has worked and others almost blaming me because it has not and they have had to end up staying in the room that they have paid for – how terrible. More recently I have been reading on other sites and blogs people saying that the $20 upgrade trick does not really work and how it’s just a waste of time and you get the same result just for being friendly and polite. Some people have even said that it annoys the check in clerks and if you try it they put you in a basement room with no windows with the Brady bunch in the room next to you.

So I thought it time that I wrote another post on this very popular subject and make it clear what I know either through personal experience or that of friends rather than say what I think (but without trying it) which it seems many people are keen to do on chat rooms and forums. You will see below the hotels in Las Vegas where the $20 upgrade trick has worked.

I have had success at many resorts in actually getting a room above the standard to what I had paid for, even if you don’t get the upgrade by tipping the clerk will generally put in more effort to accommodate your preferences with a room on the same level, lets face it not all rooms are equal. As well as these successes I have had some failures but in each instance the clerk has handed me my tip back. I have a standard room booked for Xmas and you bet that I will be trying this then 😉 Its worth noting that staff at MGM Grand, Las Vegas and Mandalay Bay have been told that they face disciplinary action if they are found to be taking “bribes” for room upgrades this does not mean that they will not be happy to take them nor does it mean that they will not get you a nicer room on the same level that you have paid for but it does mean that you are less likely to get an upgrade to higher level of room or suite than you have booked.

I have had personal success upgrading the level of my room at these hotels
Wynn Las Vegas – Standard room Vista Suite
MGM Grand, Las Vegas – Grand room to Bungalow Suite
Luxor – Pyramid Room – Tower Room and Pyramid Room – Spa Suite
Tropicana – Garden Room to one of the Towers
Mirage, Las Vegas – Standard Room – Strip View room
NYNY, Las Vegas – Skyline room – Broadway Deluxe
Friends have had success at;
Monte Carlo

I have had success here ensuring that whilst the room has been the same level that the room I have got has been a good room usually with a view.
Excalibur – basic room View room
Luxor – High Floor view
MGM Grand – High floor Strip view
Mirage, Las Vegas – Strip View top floor

Just a reminder on how the $20 trick works.

This Las Vegas trick can work at any hotel and is worth a shot the worst that can happen is you get what you have paid for.

1.Before you leave home make sure you know what the levels of rooms are at the resort so you know what you are being offered and if it is something that you want.

2.Before you get to the check in desk place a folded $20/$50/$100 note between your credit card and your ID and ask the clerk if there are any complimentary upgrades available for the period that you are there.

3.Try to look for a youngish clerk as your odds are usually better with them than an older one and one at the end of the check in desk so that they are not overheard and be discreet. A young and friendly looking will
improve your chance of success.

4.You generally have more chance of success if your room is booked directly with the hotel rather than through a consolidator. You can book directly here for the best price using the best codes on the web

The most important thing is to make sure that you will be happy if the $20 Upgrade trick does not work that you will be happy in the accommodation that you have booked.

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Top Ten Las Vegas gaming tips

Craps TableI am not going to give you in depth gaming advice or lessons for a couple of reasons: –

Firstly I do not want to give anyone any ideas of how they could win or more importantly be considered in any way responsible for their losses. If I were in a position where I had this knowledge I would be a professional gambler.

Secondly there are many excellent books that have far more resources behind them than I have. I would recommend that you use these books to learn the games but nothing more as if the authors really had systems that guaranteed winning they would not bother writing books.

  1. If you are not sure about a game or rules on a table stand back for a few hands and watch and learn, this will also give you the opportunity to decide if you are happy with the atmosphere at the table.
  2. DO NOT GAMBLE MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD – this is the golden rule. Chances are you will not beat the house, in fact there is no chance about it you will not beat the house full stop so gamble for entertainment not to get rich.
  3. Never hand a dealer money place it on the table he is not allowed to take it form your hand and trying to pass him money will only cause you embarrassment.
  4. If you think that a dealer is rude just leave the table you can play anywhere do not put up with bad service
  5. Find out when the casino has free gaming lessons and use them they are totally free, good fun and you are not under any pressure to play once your lessons have finished.
  6. If you are new to a game try playing in the morning when the casino is less busy then the dealers will be more able to assist you more. This is particularly useful with craps. I had a nightmare my first time playing when I shot I kept throwing the dice out of the pit and hitting people on other tales and couldn’t remember my bet odds. The croupier and other gamblers were fine about it. Things may have been very different if it had been say 10pm on a Friday night.
  7. Do not use any system that involves upping your stakes to cover your losses. You think that you can win Circus Circucbut it will not last you will have a bad run and lose big time in the long term. I used to play with systems like this but although you may win 4 out of 5 times in the end you will have a losing run that more than wipes out all of your winnings. The casinos love people who run escalating stake systems and casinos only love people who lose money to them. The only system that can work is to up your stakes when winning so you are gambling with casinos money. There are several strategies that if followed may reduce the house’s edge a little. This is particularly useful for blackjack but the house always has the edge this is what pays for everything.
  8. Don’t play Keno this has terrible odds stacked in the favour of the house and although simple is really not worth a bet.
  9. When you are new to a game look for a casino with low stakes that way if you are making mistakes or just learning your losses are likely to be smaller. Hotels on the Strip have higher minimums than those downtown but, Circus Circus, Rivera, Imperial Palace, Stratosphere, Excalibur, and the Sahara have lower stakes than the posher Strip casinos.
  10. Get an online account and practice before you get out to Vegas with many of these you get free bonus’s every month so you can practice on the casino’s money and you may get lucky


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10 Dumb A**e things to do in Las Vegas

Ther are many really stupid things that you can do in Las Vegas and I have compiled a list of what I think the top ten are please feel free to add your own. – Simon

Gamble more than you can afford to lose. This is the single dumbest thing that you can do. Look around you; who pays for all the free shows, drink and subsidised meals? The punters of course. The chances of you beating the house are so slim that they are not worth calculating. Think of gambling as a way of paying for entertainment and not as an investment.

Jay walking. The Strip is one of the busiest roads in the US cross where possible at bridges where not only use proper crossings and only cross when signalled to do so. Failure to comply with this could not only ensure that you become a short term Strip attraction but could land you a night in Jail. Jay walking is illegal in the US and you will get arrested for it.

Carelessness with your valuables and money. Whilst I have never felt threatened in Vegas you are constantly reminded that pickpockets operate in this area. It is easy to get distracted with so much to see and do that I am sure it’s easy pickings for these criminals. Be careful particularly when at slot machines and tables. Keep your wallet/purse in front of you; I now wear mine on a chain since the Venetian incident. (see Casino report)

Pay anything less than 100% attention whilst driving down the Strip. There is a lot to see, it’s very exciting but pay attention. There have been many accidents caused because proper attention was not being paid to the road. There have even been cases of people trying to film and take pictures whilst driving. The police are very tough on motor offences on the Strip so be careful and keep safe.

Not use sun protection. It’s very dry in Vegas; as a result it feels a lot cooler than it really is. 100F in Vegas only feels like about 80F at home! Don’t be caught out cover up, use sun protection lotions and ensure that you drink loads of fluids throughout the day.
(Medical tip: Beer / Alcohol doesn’t count as fluid! it will dehydrate you further)

Play the slots in the Airport. With average slot payout in Vegas around 92-96% it’s a good bet, rumour and experience have shown that the slots in the airport are much lower than this.

Gamble whilst drunk. The drinks are free whilst you gamble, any ideas why? You got it; it’s a proven point that people will take more risks when they have had a few beers. Don’t let them fool you make it 1-0 to the punter!!

Play Keno. Odds closer to the national lottery with much lower jackpots than Bingo. Has house odds stacked up so high they reach the casino ceiling; this really is a mugs game.

Try to cheat. This is really stupid; casinos have cameras everywhere and are familiar with every trick in the book. You simply will not get away with it; if you are in any doubt I suggest that you watch the film Casino prior to leaving home!

Turn up on a Friday, Saturday or Holiday without a reservation. Although you would have to be very unlucky not to get any room, except for Mid November when Comdex is on and all rooms tend to be booked. You will probably not be able to either get in to your first choice and will most definitely pay a lot more than you would if you had pre booked.

Play any slot offer that involves a buy in of less than the money you are given. The Riviera and Tropicana amongst others offer $40 play for $20 buy in (or similar amounts). You get to play on “special” machines. You are damn right they are special – they don’t pay out! Apparently you can’t lose as if you do not hit a jackpot you get a quality prize worth at least $40, my idea of quality and the casinos idea of quality differ here; you basically are buying a prize for $20 that if it was in a store you would not buy for $5.

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Luxor Las Vegas review, Cheap stays

My review of the Luxor I hope you enjoy, If you want the current best deal for the Luxor with stacks of extras click here


3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Between W Tropicana Ave & Russell RoadLuxor
Las Vegas , NV 89109
(262 4000)
Luxor Las Vegas

Location Well it’s on the Strip – just! It was the last resort on the Strip until Mandalay Bay came along to keep it company. There is a walkway to Mandalay Bay and the Excalibur, there is also a tram but it’s quicker to walk. You are a fair distance from the heart of the action; it’s about a 15 minute walk to New York New York and about 1 hour to Treasure Island right at the other end of the strip. The location is not all doom and gloom; the Luxor is one of the closest hotels to the Airport so transfers are quick. Being almost the furthest South you can avoid much of the Strip traffic and get to the factory outlets in about 10 minutes.

Theme Ancient Egypt and boy they carry this off really well, though sadly much of this theme is being lost as Luxor ups the stakes in becoming a cool hotel.

Attractions Well its jackpot time, the Luxor put in an extra floor directly above the casino (attraction floor) and has dedicated it to non-gaming activities. There is a state of the art amusement arcade, a motion ride, IMAX cinema, theatre, King Tuts Tomb and museum. There is a food court as well as several small concessions and bars one of which serves foot long margaritas. Other than the bars this is great if you have kids they are allowed to roam here freely unlike almost all areas in all other resorts. We wasted many valuable gaming hours on the attraction level.

Pool The pool is big and has a couple of waterfalls it’s not nice to look at but it doesn’t seem to get too crowded and it serves its purpose well. There is an “ultra” pool area as well which commands an extra admission fee. Its not up there with MGM and Mandalay but streaks ahead of many others.

Shows and Entertainment Luxor will soon have the hottest show in town Criss Angel Believe – by Cirque De Soleil but for now you have Carrot Top a very funny wacky comedian voted Las Vegas Entertainer of the year (over 18’s) and the sexiest revue in Las Vegas Fantasy again only for Adults. There are also some excellent IMAX rides.

Dining The Buffet was well themed; as a sort of archaeological dig site that was good fun. The food was varied, including a stir-fry Chinese that was cooked for you but the overall quality of the food was not as good as say the Aladdin, Bally’s or Mandalay Bay though it is marginally cheaper (B:$11.99 L:$13.99 D:$19.99 champagne Sunday Brunch $17.99). The fresh fruit selection was very good but the deserts were not. . The food court at the Luxor is brill it has a great Nathan’s Hotdogs as well as McDonalds, a pizza joint, salad and sandwich place, Ice Cream place and the amazing Luxor Coffee Company. These coffee stands are scattered all round the hotel and this is without question the best coffee in Vegas. The Luxor has several other “quality” restaurants including Isis which is supposedly one of the best in US we have not eaten at any of these so will not rate them. Luxor also has a 24 hour coffee shop that sells all types of fare 24/7. We only had coffee from here and it was filter and was, quite frankly, not up to much. The staff there also acted as if they were doing us a favour, they did not get tipped!!

Gaming The Casino is huge; there is enough room to park 9 Jumbo jets here! It is quite light and has great mock Egyptian statutes when you enter. There are several sets of slot machines with either a Mercedes or a BMW in the centre that you can apparently win though I have never seen it and would like to see someone try Luxor at nightto drive it off its oddly perched stand. The range of 25c slots is pretty good though they could do with a load more on nickel machines for cheapskates like me. There are about 70 tables from $5 minimum upwards though we found that the minimum stakes often went up when play was busy. The casino is actually surprisingly difficult to navigate and can disorientate you very easily. The Ra nightclub is attached to the casino floor, as this is the trendiest place in town you can often spot celebs walking across the floor, we saw Steve Tyler from Aerosmith. Free drinks are very slooooow in coming particularly when you are playing on nickel slots; unfortunately the same applies to change people and engineers when the hoppers empty or machine jams. This casino does not seem to get too crowded probably due to its location.

Drinks service The drinks service was slow, we did not get served often and when we did we had to wait an age for then to arrive. If anything this seems to have got worse over the years there are load sof bars now and I am guessing that they want you to spend your money there rather than dishing out freebies.

OverallA good value well packed resort with a great Spa, massive gaming area and large amount of non-gaming attractions not to mention the best coffee in Las Vegas, though its close now with Wynn and Mirage.

Good points Check in is smooth, loads of parking and being in a pyramid is pretty cool.

Bad points Slightly too far up the Strip

Top Tip You can not get the monorail to Mandalay Bay it only stops to let people get off, yuo can walk through the Mandalay Passage though which is far quicker anyway.

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Stratosphere, Las Vegas Review on this budget hotel and Casino

2000 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas
NV 89104
(+1) 702 380 7777
Stratosphere Hotel

Location The Stratosphere is the Northerly most Casino on the Strip, it is so far north that it is actually within the city limits of Las Vegas where as every other casino on the Strip is in Clarke County, this was deliberate as tax rates are slightly lower. The area around the Stratosphere used to be known as naked city as this was where all of the strippers used to live. The area around the Stratosphere is still unpleasant and I would not walk around outside this casino alone at night

Theme When Bob Stupak originally built the Stratosphere it was supposed to have had a World fair theme I am not sure if this still supposed to be the case but I don’t think it has anything more than a few flags to suggest this.

Attractions The tallest tower West of the Mississippi and along with the Luxor the most distinctive mark on the impressive Las Vegas Skyline. You can go to the top for a small fee which is only worth doing at night and look at Skyline either from inside where you can get a Starbucks or form the outside observation deck. At the top are what are probably the three most thrilling amusement park rides in the World, Big Shot – Shoots passengers straight up 160 feet at 45 mph (over 4 Gs) until they are 1,081 feet above the Strip., X-Scream – A giant teeter-totter that propels you 27 feet over the edge of the Tower, 866 feet above the ground. Insanity, the Ride – A massive mechanical arm extends 64 feet over the edge of the Tower and spins you at a force of 3 Gs for a truly mind-bending experience.

Pool The pool is better than you would expect it has a little waterfall and plenty of room to sunbathe, there is a second adults only pool that allows European sunbathing.

Shows and Entertainment American Superstars is an impersonators show that seems to have been going for ever it’s on a par with Legends in Concert at Imperial Palace but tickets here are cheaper. American Storm is an all male sexy review and Bite is believe it or not a topless Vampire show! All are inexpensive and only worth what you pay.

Dining The buffet (Brunch $11.95, D$14.25 and a seafood and steak dinner Friday and Sunday $18.25 and Sunday Brunch $14.25) is not very good the queues are usually short and I guess you can be lucky but when I eat here it was terrible. You can usually manage to get the buffet for free if you purchase a ticket to see a show. The top of the world restaurant is Stratosphere’s gourmet offering, located as the name suggests at the top of the tower this is not cheap the food is fair but service is reportedly bad, you are paying a premium for the best view in Vegas. Lucky’s café is open 24hrs and is ok but the coffee is not all that there is an Italian and mock 50’s diner where the staff jump on the tables and sing every so often to take you attention away from the food no doubt.

Gaming It has 80,000 sq ft of gaming space it feels much larger partially due to the high roof, there are about 50 tables with low limits starting at $3 and $5 for single decked Blackjack which is very good. When Stratosphere RiesBob Stupak owed this he had all sorts of odd games and gimmicks to try to entice more gamblers in such as crapless carps, blackjack where you saw the dealer’s cards and even a chicken to play against at tic tak toe but all of these are gone. There are just under 3000 slots with loads of nickel machines Stratosphere has always aimed at tour groups who are usually low rollers and they still get the majority of their trade from these tours. The place feels cheap and a little seedy throughout its history it has always had financial difficulties and I hear that this may be the case again now it will be interesting to see what happens in the future. I have to say that the new owners of Stratosphere have invested and it certainly does not feel as seedy, dark and scary as it used to.

Drinks service The service very hit and miss depending I think on where you sit we got about 3 drinks in 1.5 hours which is not terrible but neither is it particularly good, it seemed that that orders were taken quickly and then it was about a 20 minute wait not good particularly as I was drinking coffee and by time it arrived it was only just warm

Overall Some would say the best value on the Strip and others it’s cheap! The location is so poor people are not going to come here unless they have no choice. The Stratosphere makes its money from tour groups as a result it is a low rollers casino that knows its place aside from the tower I can see no reason to visit this establishment. I don’t particularly like this place and would rather pay a few dollars more and stay at Excalibur I would probably get the difference back in not needing cabs. Stratosphere has the idea that you have to pay a resort fee, this is so you can use the resorts features like the pool and elevator they do include free rides during the day to the top of the tower. In a nutshell Startosphere si worth visiting for the tower but you are better off staying somwhere with a better location, its usually only a few dollars more to stay at Excalibur, even Circus Circus has a slightly better location.

Good points The website ! Joking aside it has to be the night time view and the thrill rides at the top of the tower not to mention the price of rooms.

Bad points Location, this has always been the trouble with the Stratosphere placed a car journey away from everything except the seedy unpleasant side of Vegas and that is only a very short walk away.

Top Tip Go to the top before it gets dark not only is nice to see the sun go down and the neon come up there will be less queues. If you stay at the Stratosphere you can go up to the top of the tower free between 10am and 2pm.

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Spamalot to Close at Wynn Las Vegas

“Spamalot” to close at Wynn Las Vegas

The cast and crew of the comic music “Spamalot” weren’t in a laughing mood before Wednesday night’s performance at Wynn Resort and Casino, but somehow the show went on. Before taking the stage, the Spamalotperformers, including star John O’Hurley, were given the sad and stunning news that their show would be closing on July 13. A Wynn spokesperson confirmed the details for The Sun on Thursday.

“Closing in Las Vegas will allow Monty Python’s ‘Spamalot’ to pursue opportunities elsewhere which had been precluded by the show’s agreement with Wynn Las Vegas,” according to a prepared statement from the casino/resort. “Wynn Las Vegas would like to extend its utmost appreciation to the cast and crew who bring laughs to our audiences each and every night, and a special thanks to our eminently lovable star John O’Hurley.”

TImpressionist Danny Gans, currently headlining at the Mirage, will take the musical’s place in the Grail Theater in early 2009; the theater will be refurbished and renamed the Encore Theater. The adjacent Encore Suites at Wynn Las Vegas is scheduled to open in December.

The Tony Award-winning “Spamalot,” which just began celebrating its anniversary at Wynn Las Vegas, will have played more than 500 performances when its contract concludes in July. “Spamalot” is the second Broadway-style show to close on the Strip this year, following the February shuttering of Mel Brooks’ “The Producers” at Paris Las Vegas.

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Vegas Strip Hotels and Casinos and cheap lodging

Hotels and Casino QuestionWe can’t afford to stay at the MGM Grand, but i would still love to eat at some of the restaurant and see some of the shows there, as well as other hotels on the strip….so my question is, can you enjoy what the different hotel/casinos have to offer if you are not a guest staying there?

Hi Angela,
My first couple of trips to Vegas we stayed at Motel 6 off of the Strip but all we did there was wash and sleep, it was as
MGM Grandcheap as chips. You are welcome and encouraged to use the restaurants in all of the hotels the same goes for all the shows. If you really want to save money you can go to the Tix4Tonite booths and get tickets for that night for half price, they open at 11am and its best to get there at say 1045 and wait for them to open then you get the biggest choice. The best thing about Vegas is that wherever you stay there is so much to see and do at the strip casinos whether you pay $40 for your room or $400 per night you can still see the Volcano at Mirage, the fountains at Bellagio, the Lions at MGM and many others for free. If you buy tickets for say Love you see the same show as the people staying in the penthouse at Wynn and your meal at Stack is the same food and service as that given to the people staying at a suite at MGM. So yes stay as cheap as you can (I would always stay on or very near the strip) and you have the same access to every restaurant and show that any guest does, some even try to use the pools of hotels that they are not staying at !

If you do want to stay at the Mirage on the best rate available click here

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The Las Vegas Buffet (including top tips)

Las Vegas is famous for many things gambling, shows, show girls, headliners, sports the list goes on an on and near the top is Buffetthe famous buffet. All of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip (with the exception of NewYorkNewYork) offer a buffet this is a one price dining option where you eat as much as you like for fixed price, this includes starters, main courses, deserts and soft drinks. Buffets range in both cost and quality. Buffets started out in Vegas as a cheap way to feed the whole family and were often use as loss leaders to get people in through the casino doors and were extremely good value. Now a days you get a few cheap buffets but most are at least on a par as far as cost goes with the hotel coffee shop. Most buffets have a selection of food stations including, Italian, Mexican, carving stations and salad bars and many more. The quality generally matches the price and the cheap buffets have more stodge and cheap high carb foods to fill you up where as the more expensive ones may have more sea food or prime rib or other quality foods included. My favourite buffet by far is the Mandalay Bay dinner buffet it’s not cheap but its good value for quality food and a smashing location and setting. The worst buffet I have had was at Tropicana, too few choices and food that had been left warming for too long. The best value is either the breakfast buffet at Excalibur or a dinner buffet we had at the Hacienda near the Hoover Dan that was $3.49 for our dinner buffet!

Top 5 Buffet Tips

  1. Find out the times and arrive and pay just before the lunch buffet ends you will get the dinner food for the lunch prices.
  2. Don’t fill up on bread, pasta and potatoes they are put there so you fill up on the cheap food.
  3. Check to see if by joining the players club you can get a 2 for 1 coupon many casinos offer this the LV Hilton usually does.
  4. Take your time there is no time limit for you to be at the table of you eat slower you will enjoy it more, be less likely to get indigestion and be able to eat more!
  5. Don’t forget to leave room for desert – of you are stuffed before you have had your pudding you will be gutted!
  6. Super Vegas Vacation Saver book

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Las Vegas $20 free room upgrade trick

In Vegas the room prices vary greatly not only from hotel to hotel but also on day of the week or time of the year, a room that costs $60 on a Wednesday night can quite easily cost $180 for the Saturday or double that on a fight weekend. Now I do not want to pay a penny more than I have to at any time and I will show you how to ensure that you are paying the cheapest price that you can hope to pay for any room at any time of the year but not just yet. On my first post I will give you one of the best Vegas tips (or tricks if you) like for getting a free or nearly free room upgrade this is called the $20 trick which can also be used as the $50 trick or even the $100 trick if you are far richer than me. This Vegas trick can work at any hotel and is worth a shot the worst that can happen is you get what you have paid for. I will show you a top ten list of the hotels to try this at. Ok enough babble here is the Las Vegas $20 free room upgrade trick. Before you get to the check in desk place a folded $20 note between your credit card and your ID and ask the clerk if there are any free upgrades available for the period that you are there. Try to look for a youngish clerk as your odds are usually better with them than an older one and one at the end of the check in desk so that they are not overheard and be discreet. Some people feel you have a better chance with males and others females so it’s a bit of luck but young and friendly looking is a must. This works in most hotels some better than others but you must be discreet that is the key. For me this is the single best piece of value in Vegas for $20 for your stay you can get a room that is sometimes worth $100 more per night, its does not always work but often it does. I strongly advise that you do not rely 100% on this and ensure that if it fails you have booked a level of accommodation that you are happy to stay in. This Vegas trick has a slightly better chance of working if you are not staying on the weekend but either way it can have the same result which is a room worth far more than what you have paid Top Ten Hotels for the $20 Trick

UPDATE on the $20 Trick

Circus Circus








Treasure Island

New York New York

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