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Caesars Palace, Las Vegas – My Review

3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas

NV 89109

+1 (702) 731 7110

Location Between Bellagio and Mirage Dead centre Strip; this is the marker for other casino’s location. The only problem is that when Caesars was built no one walked on the Strip; all travel was done by car. As a result the casino entrance is about 500 yards back from the Strip. Don’t worry though the good folks at Caesars have put in a series of moving walkways to get you to their machines quicker.

Theme It’s Rome, ancient Rome from the spectacular fountains, delightful statues and cypress trees that you pass on your way to the casino to the toga costumes the staff wear. This certainly is ancient Rome with electricity and air conditioning. It is a very Grand Rome with loads of marble and gold, everything that can be gold and glittery is gold and glittery. The theme like most of Vegas is completely over the top; but in the best possible way. If there was a casino themed on Las Vegas, Caesars would be it. Las Vegas at its best.

Attractions Well there are the wonderful, if slightly dated magical statues in the Forum shops these are robotic statues that come alive with the aid of smoke and lights and act out Roman and mystical type tales; free and great for the kids. The race for Atlantis IMAX 3d simulation ride, the Omnimax movie theatre where the film actually seems to surround you and several amusements arcades. To be fair the whole of the forum shops could be counted as an attraction with plenty to see

Shopping The Forum shops at Caesars is the best casino shopping mall on the Strip. Re-creations of Michelangelo’s David and a copy of the Tivoli fountain compliment the great range of shops; the whole shopping experience here is great. Shops include many usual US high street stores such as Nike Town, Macys, and FA Schwarz but also designer labels such as DKNY, Hugo Boss and Vasari. It must be good, as the average retail turnover per square foot in the US is $300 per annum whereas the Forum shops take $1200.

Dining La Piazza Food Court is my favourite on the Strip; you enter together, you chose your different food (Pizza, Salads, Hot Dogs, Chinese etc) get your drinks together and pay together. No queuing up separately just because one of you wants Pasta and the other Chinese. The seating area is lovely, on the edge of the casino allowing you to see the action, sort of inside the branches of a big tree. There is a very small buffet with very long queues and quite high prices (B$15.50 L$17.50 D$23.50, Sunday Brunch $23.50 or $33.50 with champagne) which I have not tried. There are several other high quality restaurants including Hyakumi – Japanese, Bacchanal – a six course Roman feast and Café Roma the 24hr coffee shop. General reports of food at these restaurants are good .

Gaming Caesars has 118,000 sq ft of gaming space containing over 2000 slot and video machines, over 70 tables and 13 roulette wheels. Surprisingly there is a very good range of nickel machines here, table limits can be a low $5 minimum but this is only ever one or two tables and only when trade is slow. The layout of the casino is very odd; it seems bitty; like some bits were added on rather as a second thought. Parts of the casino are very dark and others very light. The way in which the floors are arranged makes you very disorientated. I am not sure if this is deliberate or not, but this, along with the expedition back to the Strip does seem to make you stay longer than planned.

Drinks Service I found the drink service to be quite good, although I think that depends on where you sit as there are many nooks and crannies which probably do not receive such good service. I always make sure that any cocktail waitress who passes within 20 foot of me knows I want a drink and this obviously helps a great deal.

Best Thing Just the whole over the top “we have got it and boy are we going to flaunt it” atmosphere.

Worst Thing The distance to the entrance from the Strip and the that Ceasres is confusing easy to get lost and has human traffic jams.

Overall If you ask anyone to name a casino (with possibly the exception of Bob Stupak and Steve Wynn) they will say Caesars Palace. Caesars is Vegas and Vegas is Caesars. You get a chance to see “whales” (high rollers) at play and yet still feel like you are a million dollars putting your nickels into the slots. If you are in Vegas and you can only go to one casino, this has to be it. You will not be disappointed. However be aware there is a large expansion program on at Caesars at the time of writing.

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Treasure Island Las Vegas – My Review

Treasure Island
3300 Las Veags Blvd South
Las Vegas
NV 89109
(+1) 702 894 7111

Treasure Island Las Vegas

Location Good North Strip location sitting in between the Mirage and the Fashion Show Mall and nearly opposite the Venetian and Wynn.

Theme Much of the fabulous pirate theme has been replaced but thank goodness not all of it. TI still has a Caribbean nautical feel even if the bars are cooler now, its just grown up a bit. TI has started to aim for the higher spending beautiful people market and the theme has had to soften accordingly. I still love it but would prefer a few more skull and crossbones and couple of Captain Jack Sparrows walking round but not quite as much as my girlfriend for some reason.

Attractions The Pirate battle has not contrary to some reports ceased but been replaced with the Sexy Sirens of TI, now this is good because it means you don’t have to suffer a load of colonials kicking the Brits arse so many times a day but not so good as the classic swashbuckler for me. Still one of the best and most popular freebies on the Strip and aimed at trendy cool 20/30/40 something dude and dudette market ! Its well worth making time to see two full sized ships battle it out on the high seas but the show itself is now pretty poor.

Pool The pool is small and its not up to par with the rest of the resort which is suprising when you think about the crowd that TI is trying to attract.

Shows and Entertainment TI has Mystere as its Cirque De Soleil performance here and in my opinion the best Cirque show in Vegas, if you go to see Mystere you don’t need to book and expensive seat just make sutra you are not at the side. The show is full of amazing acrobatics so amazing that your brain thinks your eyes are lying. TI has no lounge as such and no other shows other than Sirens.

Dining The Treasure Island Buffet (B:$12.00, L:$15.00 D:$20.00 weekends $26.00 ) is smaller than most and the food is OK but not up to the keeping of everything else in the fine establishment, they do however bring you a carafe of your chosen drink which is good as it saves you waiting for refills. Buccaneer Bay has been replaced by social house which is a pity but it’s good even if the portions are a bit on the small size. There are 6 other restaurants here including Italian, Chinese and a very posh steak house, it must be noted that all food at Treasure Island is expensive. Along with these eateries there is a very good but expensive coffee shop. Kahunaville is one exception its cheap and quite frankly not very good, we eat there once when we were hungry and their were queues everywhere else and wished we had not.

Gaming 51,152 sq ft of gaming space I was actually surprised when doing the research for this site to find out it was so small, it feels much bigger. There are 2,200 slot machines lots of them with pirate type themes where you have to line up three cannon balls to attempt to sink a boat ect, surprisingly there are loads of nickel machines here. Nearly 70 tables adorn the floor with the minimum stake being $5 but as soon as people start coming through the doors these rise. The casino has a low roof and dimmed lights but does not feel either claustrophobic or smoky. There are lots of bars scattered around and they have some of the best bar staff in Vegas all of the bars are classy and relaxed we like it here.

Drinks service The drinks themselves are good but you always seem to wait an age both for a waitress and then for the drink to arrive.

Overall This is a very well themed joint that is aiming to attract a young trendy well heeled bunch of punters, with new bars and clubs. Its not quite where it thinks it is its not Wynn, Mirage, Caesars or Bellagio and you feel that the casino thinks it is. The staff are great and the whole place really does have a good feel Hosting one of the best free shows on the Strip adds to the attraction of this casino. Its worth noting that this is the only place in Vegas and maybe the World where you can get married on a pirate ship

Good points Mystere possibly the best show in town, but the bars come a close second

Bad points The crush of trying to get in through the front door whilst the sirens of TI is going on, and the general cost of food and drinks. Oh and it has justbeen sold to Phill Ruffin who used toown the New Frontier so who knows what will happen next ?

Top Tip If you are staying at TI, when the Sirens show is on there is revered standing area for, just show security your room key.

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Mirage, Las Vegas Volcano to open 8th December 2009 great deals

Mirage is my favorite hotel on the Las Vegas Strip we had part fo our wedding reception there and have a booking for this Christmas, the Volcano my joint favorite free show, it has been closed now for sometime and has been rebuilt to make it even better, the Volcano will re open on December 8th 2009 and the good folks at Mirage have put together some special deals to coincide with this and I have listed them below.

Mirage was the first Casino that Steve Wynn built and to be honest without this wonderful property it is unlikely that the Las Vegas that we all know and love would be here as it is today. When Mirage was built Vegas was in decline Atlantic City was the place to gamble and had taken most of the East Coast trade, President Regan had passed the Indian act and Indian Casinos were about to spring up all over the country, everyone was thinking that Vegas would melt away. Steve had a hard job raising the funds to build this massive total luxury no expense spared resort but he managed mainly on junk bonds. Mirage still stands today as one of the premier properties on the Strip and is one of the few where it still feels like Vegas and not Disneyland, all of the rooms have been refurbished in 2008 and with the offers below this possibly makes it the best value resort on the Las Vegas Strip, but hey don’t take my word for it see for yourself.

Mirage Volcano Offer 35% discount

Enjoy a red-hot deal when you book now at The Mirage for 2009. Brighten your nights with the new Mirage Volcano an reignite your passions at what’s now officially the hottest spot in Vegas!

Promotion Runs May 31, 2009 – September 10, 2009

Offer Expires September 10, 2009

Mirage Volcano Offer 30% Discount from $56

Enjoy a red-hot deal when you book now at The Mirage for 2009. Brighten your nights with the new Mirage Volcano an reignite your passions at what’s now officially the hottest spot in Vegas!

Promotion Runs January 1, 2009 – June 4, 2009

Offer Expires June 4, 2009

Mirage Winter Offer from $64

Give in to temptations this winter and warm up in style in our luxurious accomodations.

Promotion Runs November 23, 2008 – February 1, 2009

Offer Expires February 1, 2009

Mirage Love Offer from $72

Join us at The Mirage and enjoy 25% discount on select LOVE show dates and 20% discount on deluxe room rates.

Promotion Runs November 23, 2008 – January 31, 2009

Offer Expires January 31, 2009

Mirage Review here

Offers at other Las Vegas hotels here

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Top Ten free things to do on the Las Vegas Strip

Top 10 free things to do in Vegas

The first and the best is without doubt just touring the casinos being able to have breakfast in an Egyptian Pyramid, Lunch in Paris and dinner in a Tropical oasis taking in New York, an Italian Lake and walk to St Marks Square can not be over valued. Vegas is like no other place in the World and just lapping this up is an amazing experience.

The Fountains of Bellagio, amazing chorography and fountains that shoot over 200 feet in the air all in perfect time to music make this one of the most popular must sees in Las Vegas. There are shows every 30 minutes 3pm – 8pm and then every 15 minutes until midnight. With many variations this is something that can be seen again and again day or night wonderful spectacular treat for your eyes and your ears.

The Volcano at Mirage this is probably my favourite free show I love it the music, the beat of the drums and the fire shooting out of the top and floating on water. The fuel is alleged to cost $100k per day to run this – worth every penny in my book. The Mirage Volcano erupts every 15 minutes from 6pm until Midnight.

The Sexy Sirens of TI at Treasure Island, this is a pirate battle that takes place between the sexy sirens (scantily dressed female pirates) and the crew of the Jolly Rodger, the show takes place on two full sized galleons and I don’t think it gives too much away to say that one ship sinks completely. The walkway and bridge get very busy when the shows are on and you have to fight your way through teams of 16 year old boys who seem to have never seen a woman’s legs before. The show whilst not as good as the old Pirate battle is worth seeing and at least the British don’t get shown to be the bad guys this time 😉 Shows at 7pm, 8.30pm, 10pm and 11.30pm

The Lake of dreams at Wynn it’s tricky to get a good view without eating the SW restaurant but if you get to see this its good light and sound show.

The car museum at Imperial Palace this is the largest private collection of cars in the world (over 250) and worth more than $100 million. The cars are amazing it’s in a converted floor of the IP parking lot, whilst this is not strictly speaking free if you join the slot club you get a free admission ticket in the fun book.

The Lions at MGM Grand, whilst you may have opinions of whether the lions should be at the MGM they seem to be happy in their glass play area and certainly get a lot of attention from their keepers. You can watch them playing and eating an play fighting. The lions are transported to and from the MGM Grand each day from ranch where they live very good lives.

The Salt water aquarium behind the check in desk at Mirage, this is amazing 53 feet long and 8 feet high this huge tank houses many beautiful and colourful species of marine fish in a real coral reef this really is one not to miss.

Bellagio Conservatory, the conservatory is themed and has different displays themed on the different seasons or holidays, the Christmas and Halloween displays are not to be missed for adults and children alike.

The wonderful, if slightly dated magical statues in the Forum shops these are robotic statues that come alive with the aid of smoke and lights and act out Roman and mystical type tales; great for the kids.

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Mirage, Las Vegas, Luxury Hotel with Bargain Prices

Mirage is a top class luxury hotel it has some amazing offers that can make it areal bargain click here for the best room deals available .Beneath is my review on the resort enjoy ! Simon

The Mirage
3400 Las Vegas Blvd South.
Las Vegas Mirage Las Vegas
(+1) 702 791 7111
Mirage Las Vegas

Location Sitting in the centre of the Strip with Treasure Island on one side and Caesars on the other, facing Harrah’s with the Venetian only a short stroll, this is a great place to be

Theme A tropical paradise. Steve Wynn (Casino King and founder of the Mirage) bought the name off of another Strip hotelier who owned what is now called the Glassed Pool Inn and built this industry standard setting mega resort. The theme works very well from the lake on the strip side to the palm trees and mock rain forest and waterfalls inside to the tropical lagoon swimming pools not to mention the impressive volcano on the Strip side.

Rooms I have only stayed in a penthouse suite, this was on my honeymoon and this was truly amazing it contained a bar, huge living room, bedroom, bathroom with whirlpool tub and shower separate toilet and dressing room. It is probably the best room I have stayed in the furnishings were great, remote curtains and pop up TV at the foot of the bed. The normal rooms are meant to be luxurious if a little below average in size Mirage are refurbishing their standard guest rooms starting with the low floors this should be complete in 2008.

Attractions The Mirage is stacked full of non gaming attractions most of them free, to start with you have Mirage Spathe volcano that erupts every 15 minutes after dark until midnight; this is amazing, the cost to run is rumored at $100,000 per day in fuel. The fish tank behind the check in desk is huge containing a good selection of brightly coloured aqua marine fish and even a few sharks. Then there is the dolphin habitat and Siegfried and Roy’s Secret garden (Admission charge) showing off the famous white tigers and lions. Alternatively you can see them for free within the hotel’s glass exhibition cages. There is a lovely tropical rain forest in a glass atrium that you can walk through with birds singing and waterfalls to boot.

Pool Up there with the best of them a huge tropical lagoon with bays and waterfalls and even a small slide. It good drinks service and attentive staff, there is an area where they have all day parties tat requires an admission fee.

Shows and Entertainment The newest of the Cirque De Soleil shows is at the Mirage “LOVE” in a purpose built theater, a celebration of the music of the Beatles. I have not been (I don’t like the Beatles music) but this does seem to get more good reviews than bad and lets face it there is no bad CDS show. Danny Gans has been headlining The Mirage for years he has been voted Entertainer of the year and one of the finest singer-comedian-impressionists in the World.

Dining Cravings the buffet at the Mirage is one of the buffet greats (B: $12.50 L: $17.50 D: $22.50 Sunday Brunch Champagne$22.50) the food is good and the wait is not too bad. The Sunday brunch, although not quite up to Bally’s, represents real class and good value. The Caribe Café is our favorite 24 hours casino coffee shop and as you would expect The Mirage has a number of other fancy restaurants including a noodle bar, gourmet pizza, pasta house and sushi bar. I was told by a guy from New York that Carnage the Deli in Mirage is the best in Vegas and roasted bean is up there with the Luxor coffee company supplying some of the best coffee in Vegas. Mirage also has Samba a sort of Brazilian buffet where the waiters walk around with skewers of BBQ mean and you choose what you want, this had great reviews but recently the quality may have dropped. All in all there is something for everyone here a great variety at all price levels.

Gaming 95,300 sq ft of gaming space with the sounds of squawking birds and a tropical rain forest in the middle of the casino floor, this does carry the feel of the theme. The casino is a little dark, not as dark as old school casino’s more of a relaxed dim lighting effect. There are 2,200 slot machines and nearly 100 tables with a dozen roulette wheels. Table minimums start at $5 but there aren’t a huge number of tables with minimums this low and it’s only at slow times. The Mirage has a great poker lounge which is frequented by amateur and high rolling players alike. For the market that this Casino is aiming at they have a good selection of nickel and quarter machines. All in all this is a very nice place to gamble.

Drinks service I found the drinks service to be good, strong drinks and quick service maybe not quite as good as when Steve ran things but still good.

Overall The Mirage is an upper class relaxed joint with patrons to match. However being a low roller does not make you feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. Traditionally the crowd here has been well heeled slightly older folk but this seems to have changed and there are many young rich people here to party, both sets f people seem to get on very well. The atmosphere is very pleasant and non gaming attractions aplenty. All in all you can not fail to enjoy your time at the Mirage. Mirage is probably my favorite resort in Las Vegas.

Good points The whole feel of the place is just well nice it’s got enough happening to give it an exciting vibe but not so much that it takes the relaxation away. The mix here is probably better than anywhere else on the Strip.

Bad points To be honest it is near impossible to fault The Mirage, its not shaped like a castle and doesn’t give away much free because it doesn’t have to. The only thing is that if you are not staying here you have no chance of getting into the impressive pool but I guess that is fair enough.

Top Tip When booking look for offers that include free tickets to see Siegfried and Roy’s secret garden then you can see the dolphins and tigers for free.

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